Weather on the Island of John in South Carolina

The weather on John’s Island South Carolina is what one can consider being great for almost the entire year. Except when hurricane season rolls around that starts June 1 and ends November 30. John’s Island located on South Carolina’s central coast is just 12 miles from Charleston, and is considered to have a subtropical climate.

The weather is unpredictable even in sunny, mild weathered John’s Island, South Carolina. With this being an island ,it is situated closer to the water than the rest of South Carolina and the weather can do that tricky thing and a storm can roll in on a beautiful day. The safest things you can do as a tourist is always check the weather before going to the beach or out boating in the Atlantic Ocean. You don’t want a nasty storm to come out of nowhere and get caught out in it in your boat.

Hurricanes roll into the South Carolina Atlantic Coast area during the fall months and of course bring a lot of rain with them. When it rains it pours and it certainly does at John’s Island in August. This month sees on average six to seven inches of rain. September is the second most rain- drenched month here with about six inches of rain also. Certainly you can visit this pristine island where there aren’t any hotels or motels to stay at, during the hurricane months. Just make sure you check the forecast before going to make sure the weather will be sunny and warm.

During the summer months from June to August this nature filled paradise has an almost tropical climate happening. For most of the year it really does but you won’t usually see super hot temperatures in January and February. In June the daily high is 85 degrees. During July and August the temperatures soar to an average of about 89 degrees. During the fall the temperatures don’t necessarily plummet with September seeing a balmy average of about 83 degrees.

During the winter months the temperature is a very seasonable, comfortable range of between 57 to 70 degrees. The nights during the winter are pleasant also, and this would be a great area to come to for a vacation during the winter months. Although, during the winter many beaches are closed because the Atlantic Ocean can become rough and bring in nasty weather. In other words you’ll be swamped when a huge wave comes roaring onto land.

Overall the weather on John’s Island, South Carolina can be summed up as being a subtropical paradise with humid weather due to the proximity of the island being so close to the Atlantic Ocean. But, it is not a terrible humidity that will leave you feeling wilted, because you will have a sea breeze to unwilt you. Check the weather before going boating, fishing, and to one of the pristine, beautiful sandy white beaches. You can also check with the Weather Channel online and on television to check out what the weather will be like a week ahead of your arrival.