Things to do in Water Front Park Charleston

From the beautiful fountains to the gorgeous views from the pier, Charleston’s Water Front Park offers something for everyone. Located in the heart of the city near Concorde Street the park is simply a great place to spend an afternoon.

Whether it’s a romantic escape or family fun on a budget that you’re seeking the park offers a variety of activities that are sure to please anyone. The breath taking views from the pier are enhanced only by the charm of the swings that adorn it. So quaint and charming the park has a nostalgic feeling, one can’t help but to allow their mind to wonder, back to a time when life was simpler.

The pier is a fantastic place to relax, take pictures or just spend a lazy afternoon basking in the sunshine. The park has several gorgeous fountains sprawled throughout it that not only serve as fantastic backdrops for photographs, but since wading in them is permitted they are also a great place for little ones to cool off.

The park boasts lots of green space that provide an ample area for children and adults to enjoy a variety of activities including walking, jogging or even a game of Frisbee and don’t worry if all of the day’s activities work up your appetite; the park is the perfect place for an old fashioned picnic. Allow the little ones to enjoy the simple things in life, like feeding the birds or the squirrels, blowing bubbles, flying a kite or perhaps gazing at the dolphins that can often be spotted from the pier.

While there are plenty of things to do at Charleston’s Water Front Park, what stands out most about the park, isn’t what those in the park were doing, it’s with whom they were doing it and the look on their faces as they did it.

Couples walking hand and hand, Parents enjoying their children’s frolics in the fountain just as much as their children were,Friends laughing as they engage in a bit of child’s play themselves, the bonds that were shared, the memories that were created will last a life time.

There aren’t too many places that one can go any more to just enjoy the simple things in life but If you’re ever in Charleston and you’re looking for someplace to go and simply enjoy a stunning view of the harbor, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smiles on your children’s faces as they run and play or if you’re simply looking to create some memories of your own, then I would highly recommend Charleton’s Water Front Park.