The best Art Galleries in the French Quarter in Charleston Sc

For centuries, Charleston has celebrated a love affair with the arts, and with it’s cobblestone alleyways and gas lamp lit streets, the French Quarter is the one place in the entire city where the arts are as important as the fresh air that you breathe. For hundreds of years, artists have been walking the streets of Charleston’s French Quarter, and galleries promoting their talents have lined the district. There are currently thirty fabulous galleries to delight your senses, each one with its own unique flair and panache. Most of the galleries proudly promote and display the works of local artists, though several have recently expanded to show works from renowned artists throughout the United States. Charleston is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in terms of artistry throughout the country.

It would be impossible to discuss the arts and the French Quarter without first mentioning one of the most celebrated events in all of Charleston, the French Quarter Art Walk. Four time a year, the French Quarter Gallery Association hosts these walks, that offer both locals and tourists alike a glimpse inside the city’s fascinating art scene. Thousands of people from across the country, and even throughout the world, flock to the city to indulge their artistic desires. They stroll through the streets of the French Quarter, perusing the galleries and enjoying free appetizers and wine, while mingling with other like minded souls.

While all of the fantastic and ecclectic galleries in Charleston’s French Quarter are notable, mentioned below are six that tickle my personal artistic fancy.

BIRDS I VIEW GALLERY-Artist-Anne Worsham Richardson

This delightful little gallery has been open for over 35 years. The artist, Anne Worsham Richardson, is well known for her startlingly realistic wildlife paintings. Her watercolors are known the world over, and in this little gallery, you can find everything from notecards to original paintings. Anne Worsham Richardson is South Carolina’s official painter of the state bird, flower and butterfly. Located at 119-A Church Street, Charleston, SC.


Open for nearly ten years, the Eva Carter Gallery features modern and abstract art from renowned artist Eva Carter, as well as other regionally and nationally acclaimed fine artists, including Karin Olah, who is known for her mixed media collages. Eva Carter has been a part of the Charleston art scene for nearly thirty years, and her work has been described as both spiritual and emotional. This gallery is perfect for the discerning collector and the dedicated browser alike. The vibrant colors, bold use of media, and emotional displays are sure to make an impact on anyone interested in art. Located at 132 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC.


If you’re looking for a gallery that truly symbolizes the vast breadth of South Carolina artistic talent, the Waterfront Gallery is the place to be. Featuring works by eighteen South Carolina award winning artists, this gallery has everything from abstracts and photographic art to Lowcountry landscapes and art glass. You will be delighted by both the quality and talent of the art displayed, as well as with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Located at 215 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC.


Lowcountry Artists is the oldest group artist-owned and operated gallery in the district, and was founded in 1982. It features the work of renowned, local artists, and happily brings in collectors from across the globe. Showcasing everything from original landscapes to portraiture, this gallery is certainly an eclectic mix of both talent and media. Located at 148 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC.


If you’re interested in images of the sea, this is the gallery for you! The Kensington-Stobard Gallery features works by world renowned maritime artist John Stobard. His use of oils in terms of his maritime, marine and seascape images is both classic and wrought with emotion. The gallery also features a wide selection of estate art. Located at 165 King Street, Charleston, SC.


John Carroll Doyle is certainly a gem of Charleston. Born and raised in the city, he has been painting professionally for nearly 35 years. From thought provoking nudes and sultry jazz scenes to classic wildlife and nature images, this talented artist is a master of cross-themed creation. It seems that the only common theme in his work is his obvious love for him home town of Charleston! Best of all, if you visit in the afternoon, you’re likely to catch the artist on site, and he’s always happy to chat. Located at 54 Broad Street,Charleston, SC.