South Carolina Outdoors

Having grown up in rural South Carolina, I can conclusively state that is is a wonderful place for the outdoor lover. South Carolina is virtually all outdoors. If you combined all the small cities of South Carolina into one, it would still be less than half the size of most cities found in other places around the world. The air is fresh (except maybe around some of the farms!), water and wildlife abundant, and food easy to find! Let’s explore the great outdoors of South Carolina.

Water is abundant throughout most of South Carolina, starting from the Atlantic Ocean and heading inland. There is good diving and saltwater fishing offshore, as well as swimming and surfing. As one moves inland, there are numerous rivers and swamps. Try boating, canoeing or kayaking around Beaufort. The marshes are glorious with the giant cypress trees covered in Spanish Moss dripping with the morning dew. Birds are common and so are butterflies (Unfortunately, so are mosquitoes, take insect repellent). There are turtles and alligators in the water and wildlife such as deer, opossums, and raccoons along the banks. Bass and bream fishing is also easy, but get a license!

Those rivers are coming down from the Sandhills, rolling hills covered in Loblolly, Longleaf and even Virginia Pines predominate mixed with scrub oak, Sweetgums, and willows. Birds change to more hawks which are feeding on the lizards and rabbits, Purple Martlins and Bobwhite Quail. The Raccoons, Opossums and Deer are still there with more foxes and squirrels and the occasional skunk. Look for lizards, skinks and anoles should become common.

Leaving the Sandhills you enter more clay type foothills, the Red Clay of Columbia. It will stain your clothes (some places actually sell the stained shirts as souvenirs) as well as cake on your shoes, so be prepared. Trees give way to more oaks, Red and Whites mixed with Water Oaks and towering Populars are often seen along the trails and roads. In the Fall, the leaves can be amazing. You will also start to see the conifers hidden away, small cedars and spruce mixed with more pines.

It the Northwestern corner, you find the few mountains of South Carolina. Check out climbing the rock faces at Caesar’s Head, or climb down into the valleys and listen to the streams trickle over the rocks or splash in the small pools and waterfalls. Under the rocks are salamanders and chipmunks. Watch out for the occasional bear!

Exploring South Carolina’s great outdoors is a true adventure, form diving off the coast to canoing the marshes to climbing the mountains, lots to do and lots to see. Wildlife abounds and so can the explorer’s freedom to see it!