Museum Reviews Patriots Point Naval Maritime Museum Charleston Sc

Step into the world of those who fought and died to create and preserve American freedom at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, located in Charleston, SC. Experience the victory and the defeat of battles fought by the brave men and women of the US Navy through exhibits, videos, documents and pictures, all aboard the actual warships and planes.

* Museum Overview

Opened to the public, in celebration of the United States Navy’s 200th birthday; October 13, 1975, the museum opens every day except Christmas from 9AM to 6:30 PM EST with tickets costing $13 for adults and $7 for children. In addition to the ships docked in the harbor, there is a flight simulator, 25 examples of war time aircraft, several memorials, displays and exhibits. While aboard the Yorktown you can eat an authentic aircrew meal at lunch, for a reasonable price.

*USS Yorktown

Join one of the seven tours of the famous USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, nicknamed The Fighting Lady. This aircraft carrier played a major role in WWII and helped in the recovery of the Apollo 8 crew before being retired. This is the main attraction of the museum with an on-board Congressional Medal of Honor Society museum, videos and examples of vintage war planes from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

*Vietnam Base Recreation

There is an excellent creation of a Vietnam era Navy Advance Tactical Support Base that brings those war stories to life. This is complete with a 24-foot guard tower, jeeps, ammo bunker, huts that served as living quarters and command headquarters as well as weapons, videos, tales of the crew, a River Patrol Boat and a Seawolves helicopter. You’ll even experience the mosquitoes if you come during July and August.

* USS Laffey Destroyer

View the internal areas of the gun turrets on the destroyer known as The Ship That Would Not Die because it survived so many Japanese kamikaze attacks. Sometimes there are Navy personnel acting out the positions of each crew member. There is also a documentary produced by the History Channel that plays constantly and displayed memorabilia.

*USS Clamagore Submarine

If, you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a real submarine looks like, a short tour will show you the fore and aft torpedo rooms, the officer’s quarters, communications room, galley, engine room and crew quarters in about that order. You can see the periscope but are not allowed to look through it.

*USCG Cutter Ingham

The USCG Cutter Ingham fought to protect the convoys during WWII. On-board you will find the National Memorial to Coast Guardsmen killed at sea during World War II and Vietnam and exhibits that depict life aboard the vessel.

From the gigantic USS Yorktown to the F-9 Cougar and the submarine, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, SC is an exciting look at the history of the warcrafts used by the men and women of the United States Navy to defend liberty and justice for all.