Johns Island Weather on Johns Island Activities on Johns Island

The best times to find vacation rentals on the John’s Island would be in winter, using that term loosely. Although they call it winter, it’s really like a cool summer day to the rest of the country. Between the humidity and warm air blowing off the water, even their winters are mild, which is the main draw for the elderly.

If you want to come to Johns Island when the weather is best for sunbathing, come in August. The water is warm, like bathwater. Don’t want to rub elbows with the next person on the beach just to get a decent tan? Then choose May, June or September. August and July are the busiest tourist times, so it’s best to come at a different time for maximum enjoyment.

Golfing, boating, sunbathing, swimming and other activities are enjoyable year-round, but if you don’t want to have a stroke, we recommend that you do not spend enormous amounts of time in the sun during the busy months of the year, which are the end of June through the end of August.

Most of these activities are available during any time of the year if you are from a cooler climate. The average tourist can comfortably wear shorts even in December in this area, which thrills those escaping the snowdrifts back home. Swimming is a little chillier, but you may find the occasional surfer in a full wetsuit, practicing his moves.

Visiting Johns Island in the off-season can be very enjoyable. The Charleston area is teeming with history, but there are fun things to do too! For example, there are many tours offered in the area. Take a walking tour designed to show you the sights, and you will soon forget about your cares and worries at home. Other things will bother you, such as your aching feet, and you might be bored stiff by your guide. Try instead a self-guided tour, and chances are you will find yourself on an adventure otherwise known as “I’m lostwhere’s my car?”

If you dislike the idea of getting out and exercising, you can go for a carriage ride. This is a wonderful way to see the historic sights while relaxing on a carriage being pulled by a horse that smells like it just ate a can of beans. On the other hand, you can get in a good nap while listening to your guide drone on about the Civil War or haunted houses in the area. If you are really lucky, you might get stuck in traffic. That is when you know it’s time to jump off and head back to figure out where in the world your car is so you can return to your air-conditioned condo you rented for an exorbitant price.