Johns Island South Carolina Vacations Golfing

Pack your bags and any other recreational gear because on John’s Island, S.C. the fun is all around. John’s Island has much to offer the golfer, with great courses and wonderful greens, and not to mention the plentiful local charm so abundant in the Old South. There are active days ahead regardless whether its jet skiing or just plain catching up on reading. Whatever the desire, this island will be a paradise away from home. John’s Island rivals many Caribbean Island vacations for a reasonable price tag and the cost savings ensure the island’s visitors enjoy their much deserved vacations.

The seasonal weather on John’s Island, S.C. is much the same year-round as other places along the coast of North Carolina to Florida. South Carolina actually enjoys a climate that is called the “humid sub-tropics”. When in this climate, the following can be expected from season to season:

Spring: When everyone wants to shed their coats and winter weight, John’s Island is seasonally warm, with temperatures in the upper 50’s to 70’s with cool nights. The spring is rainy and has high humidity. The weather is kind to all golfers and other outdoor sportsmen. It’s still chilly and too cool for swimming or sun bathing, but catching a wave with a jet ski is a must!

Summer: The majority of the visitors come to John’s Island in the summer. The days are very warm, hot and humid with usual breezes to cool things down. The temperatures can reach the upper 90’s in the day to the low 80’s at night. There’s very little rain in the summer and the summer brings the hurricane season. The evening thunderstorm is not uncommon but the weather is great for boating, jet skiing, sun bathers, golfers, walkers, or just laid back shell collectors or bookworms! John’s Island is humid in the summer season, but the tropical feel is wonderful for any activity that one can imagine.

Fall: The days begin to shorten, the fun or activities do not on John’s Island! The weather cools down a bit with most days remaining in the 70’s with cool nights being in the 60’s. Just like the summer, all activities are open to any sportsman, but the water may make some swimmers or sun bather’s shiver and run for cover! Brrrrrrrrrr, too cold for me! With the cooler temperatures approaching, some vacationers move inside while others do not…there’s plenty of activities for both.

Winter: The winters on John’s Island are mild. The temperatures range from the 40’s to the 50’s with lows in the 40’s. The weather does not resemble winter on this gorgeous sub-topical island. Other than some cooler, less humid temperatures, this can be one of the most well kept secrets of the wintertime. While U.S. residents all over are shoveling snow or braving extremely cold weather and high heating bills, John’s Island is paradise to all who partake of its gift to South Carolina.