Johns Island Sc South Carolina Beaches Climate Temperatures

You might not be the type who craves the hot air of the blustery Santa Ana winds or enjoys mountaineering in subzero temperatures. No problem! Just because you don’t seek the extremities doesn’t mean you don’t desire a vacation somewhere fun and enjoyable. One of many small islands dotting the shores of the Carolina coast, Johns Island is a tiny, off-the-beaten-path escape that also offers fairly predictable and stable weather year-round.

Like its mother city Charleston, Johns Island is lucky enough to have comfortable weather almost all year. Johns Island is one of a cluster of Sea Islands that sit just off the coast of South Carolina, and is also one of six designated areas belonging to the historic city of Charleston. Besides being bordered by the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway separates the island from the city.

Spring is probably the most beloved time of year on Johns Island and also the start of the tourist season, when families flock to the beaches and vacationers can be found out walking and enjoying sunny afternoons at Johns Island County Park or Beach Walker Park. The Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island draws many visitors during this time, who come to see the limbs of the giant tree that are so large and stately that some rest on the ground. The Angel Oak on Johns Island is 65 feet high and believed to be nearly 1400 years old, making it one of the oldest and biggest live oaks in the world.

The warmer summer months are prime time for those wanting to build a sandcastle, work on their tan, or just play in the ocean’s spray. July and August are peak summer months, and temperatures on the island can climb into the upper 90s. The climate of any area bordered by water is affected by the water’s proximity, and Johns Island is no different. The sea breezes can be cooling during those summer heats; likewise, they can be chillier during the autumn and winter months.

Tourism on Johns Island tapers off during the fall months, although the warm weather usually sticks around into November. Surfers and beach-goers can be found hanging out on Johns Island’s shores well throughout the fall months. Fall is a popular time for golf on the island. Golf is played year round on Johns Island, but with the temperature dropping a few notches from the hot summer season, golfers flock to play at Johns Island Club and other area courses. Fall is also the peak of the erratic hurricane season, which starts in the summer and lasts well into autumn. If ever the weather on Johns Island can be labeled unpredictable, hurricane season bears that title.

Johns Island, like the rest of the low country, has mild winters, with temperatures typically hovering between 50-60 degrees during the day. Some days can even escalate to the 70 degree mark or higher. Hotels and activities in the area offer deep discounts during these off-peak months, making them attractive to bargain-seekers.

Whatever the season on Johns Island, you won’t be disappointed. There is always plenty to do and new places to explore. And best of all, the temperature is almost guaranteed to be great!