Johns Island Climate

John’s Island is located in Charleston County close to the middle of South Carolina’s beautiful coast. Climate is stellar year round with four distinct seasons. John’s Island is packed with things to do with unlimited fun. So much so that you may even be cajoled into a full-time residence. But if you do plan only for a short visit before a dejected trip back to reality let’s take a look at some of those wonderful seasons and some of the things you can do.
Winter comes in a little lighter on John’s Island. Temperatures tend to hover around the fifties, with only the occasional frost warning. Good news for snowbirds. Milder temperatures open up many activities that shelter bound northerners would die for. Golf is of course spectacular year-round but in winter there’s a smaller crowd to deal with and you can get more rounds played at a better rate . Shops abound in this historic old world town which makes perfect cover on the more brisk days of winter.
Spring appears quickly in coastal South Carolina .Temperatures rise to average in the seventies, very near the age of most visitors. Off-shore fishing is now in prime-time .Many people want to schedule their fishing trips ahead of the on-coming hurricane season. Of course golf is a little busier, with more people coming out. More rain falls in the spring-time, so look for other things such as sight-seeing or exploring. Local botanical gardens are fabulous.
Summer is hot. There’s no way around that .Fortunately, we’re talking about an island. Water sports are plentiful and inexpensive. Watch out for late afternoon thunderstorms which come up with very little warning. Most storms come up around the late afternoon time, so plan outdoor activities before or after this time. Of course, if you like thunderstorms then plan accordingly. Hurricane season starts in late June/early July and while coastal South Carolina isn’t a hotbed of activity, you should at least keep an eye out for the big one.
Fall time is spectacular for weather and sight-seeing. Mild temperatures and lower precipitation lead to excellent beach-strolling opportunities. Time to get out and see those leaves at the local plantations. Sailing and fishing are top-notch. Crowds are smaller and some of the more annoying summer tourists have left. Take advantage of cheaper rates.
All in all John’s Island is a year-round destination with fun activities for the whole family.