John Island Sc Golf Rees Jones Golf Golf Club Briars Creek Silver Audubon

John Island technically holds only one golf course – but what a beauty it is! Uber exclusive and proud of it, The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek flaunts it’s “only 300” slogan with their own particular Southern style. Yes, to play on the gorgeous and highly exclusive Lowcountry course, golfer’s must be members or at the very least, the guest of a member of which only 300 people are ever allowed.

Since the completion of The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek back in 2001, this course has made the list of top 100 Golf Courses to play in the US by both Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Not that anyone in the golf world is surprised. Designed by renowned course architect and golf “purist,” Rees Jones and co-designer Steve Weisser, this dynamic duo worked with the lay of the land, utilizing their famous risk and reward type philosophy, basing the course outline on traditional Scottish favorites.

It’s all about strategy. The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek Course is one of those “Should I or shouldnt I?” type courses, the kind that can really make or break you. True to Rees Jones design style, golfer’s are quietly urged to go all out yet can get into plenty of trouble with overshooting and improper club selection. The carefully planned and well placed bunkers silently lie in wait for the errant shot. Subtle greens make the course a thought provoking joy to play. It’s a classic – and classy – course that really uses the glory of the South to its complete and total advantage, like the giant old oak trees framing the fairways or the glittering lagoons and marshland that are home to an abundance of wildlife.

Check out the flora and fauna on signature Hole 16, where golfer’s are in for a visual treat. Combining the best of what The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek Course has to offer, a marsh protected green, long stretches of sandy bunkers, and again, the gently sloping green serves to create the type of Hole that golfer’s dreams are made of, and potential nightmares as well! Look closely enough and you just might see a Bald Eagle or White Ibis. As a matter of fact, The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek is the first Certified Silver Audubon Signature Sanctuary in South Carolina.

Schmooze your way into the good graces of a membership paying acquaintance and explore the traditional yet inventive course. Thanks to such limited membership, golfer’s often find themselves entirely alone in the serene and peaceful setting. The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek on John’s Island is truly a southern “slice” of Heaven.