Guide to Seasonal Weather on Johns Island South Carolina

John’s Island South Carolina is located just off Charleston on the intercoastal waterway. Right away you’re probably thinking it must be too hot or too rainy to make for a comfortable locale but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is John’s island is situated perfectly for seasonably reasonable weather and is not as some people tend to assume a hurricane magnet.

For starters let’s take a look at winter. The nice thing is you don’t have to worry about a nasty one. The low temperature remains a surprisingly consistent 42-45 degrees Farenheit on average with highs that range from 57-64 degrees Farenheit. That’s actually very nice and even allows for a round golf if you feel up to it. The breeze is no worse than any other season and the precipation is only a shade under three inches a month. Granted the winter isn’t so nice you’ll want to make a habit of frolicking half naked on the beach, but you won’t have to hide under a parka either unless you happen to think that’s a good look.

As spring approaches you’ll notice a few changes, flowers blooming the the temperature ranging from the mid sixties to around eighty, and bikinis. That’s correct, the final weeks of spring marks the beginning of bikini season so make sure you’ve stuck to your new year’s diet plan unless like me you don’t mind being a large mammal. The beach crowd comes out of hibernation slowly invading the coastline in serch of the perfect tan. The low temperature generally doesn’t dip much below the low to mid fifties. Contrary to the popular children’s ryhme it’s March Showers that bring April flowers on John’s Island but with an average seasonal rainfall just a hair over three inches you won’t be needing to cancel your hiking plans.

The summer brings tourists, a run on skin lotions, and an average high temperature around eighty nine degrees. Don’t think for a second it doesn’t get hotter, it will touch a hundred once or twice but that is the exception rather than the rule. The lows make it far nicer haging around seventy seven drgrees or so which when coupled with a cool ocean breeze makes sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand and toes in the sand a favorite pasttime. With an average seasonal rainfall around 5.8 inches it is going to get humid at times but it isn’t unbearable, that friendly breeze does make it more comfortable even whent the heat index is up to several points above what the mercury says. Of course this is the ideal weather for any outdoor activity. Golfing and watersports like kayaking are always popular but I prefer hiking around in the shaded woodlands or canoeing in the marsh.

With the Summer comes hurricane season and contrary to popular belief John’s Island does not get hammered every year. In fact the last time the Island was really hit hard was when Hugo blew through back in 1989. Sure there are effects from some storms like high winds and rain now and then, but actual eye passage is a rare thing. Rare enough that the last time a pair of category four hurricanes hit in the same year, 1752, we hadn’t declared independence from England yet. The point is be aware of them but don’t worry about them.

The Fall may be my favorite time on the Island, and why wouldn’t it be? The average high and low temperatures settle in around seventy five and sixty two degrees respectively. It’s perfect for golfing, a little beach activty on the right days, and the end of weight watching. Bikini season is officially over now. The precipitation drops off considerably and it just feels perfect outside as if you set the climate control on your own.

No matter what time of year it is John’s Island is beautiful. You can do almost any activity on the island year round aside from tanning and playing the water, but don’t let being different stop you from trying! If you don’t believe me though, come during each season and see which you like best! We’ll leave a light on.