Charlestons Night Life

Charleston South Carolina is a city that has something for everyone. Whether it’s a romantic weekend get away, a family oriented vacation or just a group of friends looking for some R & R this city is able to accommodate just about anything.

While Charleston in the minds of some may be thought of as a quaint little historic city with cobble stone streets, the city does have a night life! One of the greatest things about Charleston’s night life is that for the most part driving is not required due to the fact that about 90 percent of the cities trendy lounges, up-scale bars and dance clubs are located within walking distance of each other.

For vacationers that may be interested in exploring the cities night life, selecting the right hotel accommodations may be the first step since Charleston’s night life is concentrated in a few small areas of the city, East Bay Street, Market Street and King Street, then it would not only be wise, but convenient as well to book your hotel either on or extremely close to one of these three streets.

There are a variety of fabulous hotels to choose from in the city but there are a couple that seem to offer visitors a chance to really experience the city in a memorable way such as the Market Pavilion Hotel, located at 225 East Bay Street. This hotel not only offers an excellent location as it is located within walking distance to several of the cities hottest night spots, it also has plenty to offer on its premises. Grille 225, which is an upscale dining venue located within the Market Pavilion has fabulous food, a dedicated staff that will make you feel like royalty and last but not least, a rooftop bar/grill complete with a gorgeous pool and breath taking views of the city. (See for details on accommodations)

Visitor’s that select hotel accommodations at the Market Pavilion or else where on East Bay street are in luck because they have several of the cities trendiest night spots within walking distance to their hotel. Social, a trendy wine bar with a cosmopolitan setting is located at 188 East Bay Street. This venue is a great spot to converse and let loose with friends and offers a large selection of wines of varying flights and an extensive food menu including several gourmet pizzas that complement the wines nicely. (See for details)

For those visitors that are looking to kick it up a notch Club Light which is located at 213C East Bay Street is a dance club that generally has a DJ spinning music on Thursday-Saturday nights.

Wet Willies, located at 209 East Bay Street, is another local favorite. It could be because it offers a wide array of live music or it could be the over 30 flavors of blended, iced alcohol concoctions that will not only leave you cool and refreshed, but glad that you are within walking distance of your hotel!

Keep in mind that East Bay and Market Street are adjacent to each other so while there are plenty of night life options on East Bay Street, Market Street has its own options. A couple of which are Tristan, which is located at 55 South Market Street (which is more of a trendy eatery that often offers live jazz) or the Market Street Saloon, which offers patrons the opportunity to literally get on the bar and dance, this venue seems to be geared towards country music lovers and is located at 32-D North Market Street (See for details)

While East Bay Street and Market Street are home to a majority of Charleston’s night life, King Street which is home to some of the best shopping and restaurants that Charleston has to offer offers its share of sophisticated night time hang-outs as well.

King Street, which is home to the Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King Street (See as well as many other note worthy hotels is also home to Raval Spanish Wine Bar which is located at 453 King street, offers a wide array of art and dcor, candle-light flickering along with a vast wine selection and tapas menu give this spot a mysterious and inviting allure, not to mention that the back lounge boasts velvet couches and plush pillows along with one of the best DJ’s that the city has to offer. (See

Torch Velvet Lounge is another relaxing,intimate and sophisticated spot located within walking distance to many of King Street’s nicest hotels. Torch is located at 545 King Street and is a nice place to unwind or hang out with friends while enjoying wide arrays of signature martinis.

Charleston’s night life gets started on Thursday nights and continues through the weekend. There are vast arrays of Lounges, Bars, Bistros and Dance clubs to satisfy just about anyone. The proximity to lodging and accommodations is one of the things that make Charleston’s night life so enjoyable.

So remember the next time that you plan a trip to Charleston, the city has a lot more to offer than fabulous shopping and fine dining, there is also a lot to do after dark.