Beachwalker County Park on Kiwah Island Sc

I remember being six and the trips to Kiwah Island and Folly Beach began and continued well into my teens. We had a big family there were five of kids. The nature beaches were much more family oriented and economic back in the day. I bet I would not even recognize the place now with all the fancy golf courses. Back in the day we would get up before the sun and my step-mom would load us all up in the Blazer and drive from Folly to Beachwalker County Park. She claims it has the most beautiful sunrise of all the places she had ever been. Now how the Kiwah sunrises were any different then the sunrises at Folly beach just a few miles north was a mystery to me until I was older.

I look back now and realize that the sunrises were better there because she was making memories. In the still quiet hours before dawn when her five kids were still half a sleep and drowsy she could conduct the most amazing free tour on the island. This was her time. She had us completely under her spell as she directed us and we actually obeyed. We would all gather around and listen to the sounds of pre-dawn. She would direct us to watch for the split second that the sun began to rise and how it looked hitting the water and rising up out of the sea. Then she would name off all the colors as she saw them and snap dozens of pictures.

Once we had witnessed the sunrise and the magic moment passed we would all want something different. Someone would be hungry, someone would be thirsty, someone would want to get in the water, it would go on and on like so. I remember I liked the seashells the best. You could find some really nice conch shells there. Not just broken picked over bits but fist size whole shells that sometimes had inhabitants still living in them. We would walk around on the beach and play in the water.

Another really good thing to do on Kiwah is to go crabbing. The silt out there is nice and attracts much crab. Our crabbing rigs were pieced of nylon cord with turkey necks and small weights. Then we would line up on the marsh bridges. We would take turns manning the net. See once you felt the crap tugging on the line you would ever so slowly move the rig to shallow water. Once you could see the crab then you netted it. Then once our coolers were full or dad had really bright red sunburn we would go back and have a crab boil.

The memory making worked. I remember these trips more vividly then any other trips we took. The quiet and natural rhythms seemed to grab hold of our little attention spans and slow us down to appreciate one another. The chaos and frantic scheduling of raising five children seemed to slow down and melt into an easy flow that followed the tides. I highly recommend anyone looking for truly magical experience should check out Kiawah Island in South Carolina.