Architecture Federal Italian South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is the place to go for anyone who has an interest in architecture. From the small craftsman’s cottages to the Antebellum mansions, this city has every type of architecture imaginable. There are the intricate and lacy effects of the Victorian Houses, The large wrap around verandas of the Italianate, The large impressive columns of the Greek rival, and the more austere look of the Federal and Adamseque style homes and businesses.

Each Neighborhood of this wonderful city has its own unique style of architecture that is sure to surprise and amaze the casual visitor. From East Bay Street to Hampton park there is something worth seeing in the homes and businesses that make up each neighborhood.

East Bay Street

Lining East Bay Street is the famous Rainbow row. These 18th century Georgian townhouses made of brick and stucco have arched doorways, gambrel roofs, and quoins. What makes this area particularly eye catching is the variety of different pastel colors of these lovely homes. It truly looks like a rainbow.

East Battery Street

This area of Charleston had everything from Italianate to Art Deco architecture. Towering Mansions face the Harbor with roof tops supported by Ionic columns and Tower of the Winds. It was from the rooftops of this street that the people of Charleston watched the firing on Fort Sumter.


Has many homes in the Greek Rival and Italianate style. This neighborhood is marked by grand columns, and Piazzas. There are Pediments and Cornices galore. And to set off these beautiful homes there are wrought iron and garden courtyards.

Harleston Village

This neighborhood is a mix of many fine architectural forms. It has everything from Antebellum houses to modern town houses. Architect styles include Italian Renaissance, regency, and Georgian.

French Quarter

Charleston’s historic French quarter is made up in large part by Georgian style single homes. This neighborhood is marked by it’s airy Piazzas and it beautiful courtyard gardens that set off the true beauty of the homes.


This neighborhood is set apart by its large Greek Rival columned mansions mixed with modern 20th century homes.

Elliot bough

Is mostly made up of Antebellum Mansions with towering columns, and the more intricate Victorian style home with its lovely cornices and gingerbread looks.

Wagner Terrace

Is a unique and lovely neighborhood made up almost entirely of brick bungalows and craftsman’s cottages many of which set on a small bluff overlooking the Ashley River. These homes give this neighborhood a neat, tidy peaceful look.

Hampton Park

This neighborhood shows off Charleston more modern architecture. Homes here are made up mostly of 20th century architecture.

Businesses and Churches

One cannot truly look at the architecture of this great city without looking at its businesses and churches.

Many of Charlestons businesses particular the public buildings are fine examples of Federal architectural design, but the businesses like the homes come in a variety of architectural styles. The churches too show Charlestons varied use of architectural styles and many are beautiful as well as functional buildings.