Waterplace Park

The Ocean State, more commonly known as Rhode Island, which is also referred to as Little Rhody is the smallest state of United States. Providence, which is the capital of Rhode Island, is perfectly designed for tourist activities. The location of the city is extremely ideal. Providence River flows right from the centre of the city providing a breath taking view for the spectators.

It was somewhere in the 1990s when the mayor of that time Vincent Cianci, Jr, felt the need to polish the beauty of the city by exposing and utilizing the natural rivers. As a result of which Waterplace Park came into existence in 1994.

Waterplace Park is a perfect place for relaxation be it day or night, the place attracts you like a magnet. The Park is extremely well-designed which has given Providence, downtown a unique look of its own. The art culture that prevails in the city is rightly utilized in the construction of the park. Having said that, it’s not just the beauty that attracts people but it is also the number of activities that keep on taking place in the park.

There’s always something for you happening in the park, if it’s not the annual art festival then just might be the summertime waterfire, a series of bonfire along with musical concerts. If it’s not even the waterfire then it would just be some other art event. Events just don’t stop happening here and this is why it has always been the focal point of the city. It promotes the art culture and helps artists in portraying their skills out in public. The best thing about these events is that it’s absolutely free.

The place is design to provide comfort in all possible ways. Mainly it is all grass so you can sit everywhere and anywhere you feel like but there are plenty of benches provided as well. The river that flows right from the centre gives you the delightful sight.

To enjoy it more, go to the Providence Place Mall where you can have even an explicit view of the entire park. The place is heaven for shopping purpose. This shopping mall is by far the best in the region with the variety and range of facilities provided under one roof, you won’t even get a time to look at your watch. The brilliantly designed mall with 3 floors and 165 shops and the elegant touch all around it gives you the experience of your lifetime. The mall is for everyone, if you don’t want to shop then go get something to eat. The place is designed to facilitate all possible needs of its customers. The idea is to let none go out empty hand.

Providence has revitalized itself in terms of culture and in terms of its natural beauty. Waterplace Park places a vital role in attracting tourists from around the globe and in promoting the cultural values of the region.