The best Shops on Thayer Street in Providence Ri

Located in the heart of Providence’s east side, Thayer Street is in the trendy and highly desirable College Hill neighborhood. It is conveniently located in close proximity to both Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD.) Consequently, it is an ideal location for stores whose appeal is largely to the college student population. It is a place of considerable activity and a fun kind of hang out area for college students.

Here is a look at some of the best shops along Thayer Street.

*Brown University Bookstore –
244 Thayer Street, Providence –

Brown University Bookstore is said by some to be the best bookstore in New England. The large bookstore has a huge selection of just about every type of book that one could hope to read, including those of major publishers, books published by small presses and even little chapbooks that have been produced by Brown University students or Providence authors. And the store is even willing to special order things and ship anything they don’t have to customers. There are comfortable places for people to sit while they browse or look at books.

*Oop Contemporary Gift Gallery –
297 Thayer Street, Providence

This unique store has a huge range of offerings that ranges from hand made gifts, furniture, jewelry, crafts, toys and other fun stuff. All of the merchandise is made by local and national artists. For anyone looking for an unusual gift, toy, artifact, or some beautiful hand made jewelry,Oop ! Stuff is the place for you. As a testament to its popularity, in each new edition of the Best of Rhode Island, the store is consistently rated the best place to buy a gift.

*Spectrum India
252 Thayer Street, Providence

Spectrum India has been in business since 1967 and is still a very popular place. It is a great place to find unique Indian clothing, jewelry, CDs, hats, shoes, all natural soy candles, purses, accessories and other gifts. Even though many aThayer Street business has come and gone, Spectrum India has remained a Thayer Street staple for all these years. It has a loyal following of customers, and when the price of clothing is as reasonably priced as $25 to $35, and a rack of shirts is priced at $10, it’s a price that no one can beat. An article about Spectrum appeared in the Lifestyles section of the Providence Journal.

These are a few of the most highly regarded and well established of the stores on Thayer Street. It’s easy to see why these stores are so popular. They are unique in their offerings, sell unusual things that customers would not easily find elsewhere, and have a range of prices that are suitable for just about every budget.