The best Place to take your Dog for a Walk in Providence Ri

One of the things that city dwellers who own dogs continually face is the dilemma of where to take their dog for a walk. Walking a dog down street after street can get downright boring, and for a canine, it’s a walk to do their business, but not a time where they can run around and play with other dogs.

Providence has an official organization called the “Providence Dog Park Association.” This organization consists of a group of ordinary citizens who have a vested interest in locating, developing, supporting and maintaining areas around the city where dogs can run around and play in a safe “off-leash” recreation area.

This is a look at some of the off-leash and on-leash areas where dogs can run around and play within the city of Providence.

Providence’s official dog park –

*Gano street park –

To enter the area, do so from Power Street or Freemont Street. The area consists of a 3/4 acre enclosed and double gated area. It is the newest area in the city. Because it is so new, other than the lights from the adjacent basketball courts, there are no amenities like benches.

Unofficial dog parks –

*Wanskuck Park dog park –

This area is located on Woodward Road between Branch and Mineral Springs Avenue. Although the area is lighted and open 24 hours a day, the leash laws can be enforced, and the fences near the street area are not in good repair, so it isn’t a good idea to allow dogs to run without a leash that close to the road. The park does have other pluses, including benches, trees, trash cans, and a large open grassy area and walking path.

*Roger Williams Park –

This park probably isn’t an “official” dog park, but many people hang out there, and the atmosphere is said to be nice.

*India Point Park –

A great place to walk dogs in the winter time, but in summer, the place is over run with children. Dog walkers flock to the area after dark when the children are gone and the evening cools down.

*Veezy Street Park –

This place is definitely not an official place. Word has gotten around that it’s a “happening place” for dogs. That’s the up side, but the down side is that the dog lovers and owners are facing much controversy with the neighbors, people who walk in the area and the police. It is rather unfortunate that there is so much animosity surrounding this seemingly ideal place for dogs. It exists, but people in the know are reluctant to give it a real recommendation.

These are just a few areas where dog owners can take their dogs for something other than a walk down the street. The Providence Dog Park Association is doing all it can to try to get the city to develop or designate more areas for this purpose. This is just a grass roots organization, however, and they are limited by what they can do. Nonetheless, Providence has some great places where dog owners can take their dogs for chance to run around with other dogs. Hopefully, other dog lovers and owners will become more aware of how difficult it is to get places designated and rendered safe.


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