Providence Gay Clubs

The gay nightlife scene in Providence, Rhode Island is one of the best around with a large variety of clubs catering to to the many different factions of the LGBT community in whole or part. “How good can it be?” you may find yourself asking since Providence is not what most people consider a major city. It’s good enough that Providence’s gay clubs regularly draw visitors in from other cities like Boston to the North and New Haven to the south. Providence’s gay nightclubs are some of the best clubs in the city regardless of theme and what follows is a look at some of the best.

Club Gallery is one of Providence’s oldest running gay clubs and it’s best. Although for many years it was know for a sign that exclaimed “Be gay of be gone!” you will find a fair portion of straight patrons in the company of their gay and transgender friends here which trends toward college students and middle class professionals ranging to their mid 50’s. Club Gallery is not a huge club but it has a big club feel with more free parking than any club you will find in a major city offers. Different nights have slightly different themes such as Thursday no cover and it’s best known night, Saturday’s Girlspot which caters to the lesbian community.

Gallery is an over 18 club that does have a full liquor license, and the cover charge is generally $7. Considering you don’t have to pay for parking though this is like getting in free compared to other clubs. The obligatory pool table and jukebox are within, as well as an ATM in case you find yourself short on cash and don’t have a credit card. There are four bars, one in the main room, one in the “dance” room, one in the music room, and when seasonally possible, one outside. A grill is run during favorable weather conditions providing fresh cooked treats, a limited bar style menu including pizza is available as well. The bathrooms are immaculate, even in the nights late hours, and the staff is phenomenal. Young and old alike make this their preferred retreat for good DJ music, live bands, and a fantastic friendly atmosphere.

Mirabar caters more to the younger gay male clientele than anything else. Mirabar is an over 18 club with full bars, large and loud, where hip-hop is the music of choice. Mirabar tends to get crowded in a hurry but generally maintains pretty good order. The cover charges vary depending on both age and night, but a general rule of thumb is over 21 is $5, under 21 is $10. You’re not going to see anything new, and for the most part anyone different like you will at Gallery, but if your main desire is drinking and dancing it’s a good club to visit. Parking can be a problem so carpooling is highly suggested. Mirabar attracts members from the entire LGBT and straight community, while Mirabar is . When a club is good, it’s just flat out good.

Wheels has live music at times and is a decent sized bar despite the look from the street, and is located dead in the middle of downtown, but it attracts a much different generally older rougher clientele. It has been around a long time, but after a recent spot visit it was noted that younger men and women entering on a Friday night seemed to feel out of place and left without even taking time to order a drink, choosing instead to head to Gallery. For the older gay male it is a favorite hangout, for everyone else it can be a bit too uncomfortable.

The Providence Eagle is yet another Providence gay club steeped in tradition which caters to the gay guys out there. The Eagle is Providence’s only leather, Levi, bear cruise bar and as such it does a thriving business. You won’t find too much of a mix so far as lesbian, transgender, or straight patrons here which is in many ways the point. The Eagle primarily draws a regular crowd of returning patrons as well as a fair portion of out of town visitors on the weekends. It is conveniently located right downtown which means you should expect to pay at least $20 for parking. Security is tight although there is rarely if ever a problem here. The service and staff are outstanding and friendly, and the Eagle is considered one of the best clubs of this genre in New England.

Blush at Energy hosts a Friday lesbian night which is out of control! DJ Red spins the tunes, everyone on the scene (primarily the crowd under their early thirties at least) turns out for this night that draws people from across New England, even as far away as New Hampshire. The general theme here is “where did all the hot ladies come from?” and it is no joke! This is primarily a dance club so be ready for loud heavy beats and a a lot of sweaty bodies on the floor. The cover charge has varied at times but has never been too steep. For the young lesbians in search of Ms. Right now this is the place. The crowds aren’t huge though as most women with only one night to go out on generally opt for Gallery’s Saturday night, especially the more mature.

If one of these clubs doesn’t seem to fit for you then there are still more choices available. The most notable are Gerardo’s, Bar One, Union Street Station, The University Club, and the Yukon Trading Company. Each offers something a little different and aside from Gerardo’s are more low key drawing a regular clientele. The one thing each shares is a great sense of community which is why people from all over New England flock to these clubs every week. Friendships are built in these clubs, fundraising to help the community as a whole, not just the LGBT is a standard part of the package, and fun as well is always at hand as otherwise there is no point in going out. Try each one, even for just a drink to see what fits you best and enjoy yourself!