A Visitors Guide to Bowens Wharf Newport Rhode Island

Bowen’s Wharf is a major tourist attraction, which is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Established in the year 1760, it is a premier year round destination. Bowen’s Wharf offers its visitors a rich blend of 18th, 19th and 20th century architecture. It is also Newport’s premier waterfront shopping destination. 

With more than 20 reputed retail shops, Bowen’s Wharf is a shopper’s paradise. Here you will find home accessories, jewelry, unique gifts and clothing. Terra Zapato, Primavera, Kimberly Pucci Jewelers, Newport Candle Co, The Sail Loft, Roger King Fine Art, Newport Scrimshander and Sheldon Fine Art are some shops in Bowen’s Wharf which are definitely worth exploring. Bowen’s Wharf is famous for its lobster market. 

You can choose from among a few schooner tours. Schooner Adirondack II is well known for its good service. It offers various activities like “Sunset Sail on the Schooner Adirondack II”, “Classic Afternoon Schooner Sail”, “Dark and Stormy Schooner Sail” and “Mimosa Morning Sail”. The crew will keep you entertained with their stories related to the history of the place. The staff is trained to take care of all your needs. 

Bowen’s Wharf offers many opportunities to pamper your taste buds. You should definitely not miss the Bowen’s Wharf Seafood Festival. It is an annual event which is usually held in the month of October. During the event, many restaurants offer stuffed clams, scallops, lobster rolls, chowder, bisque and fish tacos. The music is an added attraction.

22 Bowen’s is a world class steak house which is situated on Newport’s waterfront. At 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille, you will love USDA Prime beef, New England’s finest sea food and the best of wines. The Mooring Restaurant, The Wharf Pub and Restaurant, Newport Fruit and Smoothie, Watch Hill Pizza, The Cookie Jar, Sprinkles Ice Cream and the Smokehouse Cafe are other good restaurants and eateries which are frequented by visitors. 

One of the downsides of Bowen’s Wharf is its vehicular traffic. The parking space is limited and it has the potential to spoil all the fun. It is advisable to avoid using your own vehicle. 

If you are visiting Newport, you have to visit Bowen’s Wharf. It is a great place to spend your holidays. It has something or the other to offer its visitors throughout the year. Your visit to Bowen’s Wharf is sure to be a pleasant and memorable experience.