Thrift stores worth a visit in Philadelphia

With the nickname the City of Brotherly Love, it stands to reason that Philadelphia would be a city that cares about offering people an inexpensive way to purchase some of the things that they need to make their lives more comfortable. Here are some of the best thrift shops in Philadelphia, and even if you are just a person who likes a good deal, these thrift shops will be a great place to begin your search.

Circle Thrift 

Circle Thrift is an outreach of the Mennonite Church. There are two of these thrift stores in  Philadelphia that offer low price clothing and providing jobs and hope in areas where these are not abundant. They are open seven days a week and even stay open a little later to offer the opportunity for more people to be able to shop.

They carry clothing for men, woman and children as well as accessories such as jewelry, scarves and hats. They also have furniture, linens, books, toys, videos and house wares. New items come into stock everyday so if you want to make a great find you will have to visit often. If you have items you would like to donate, you can drop them off any time that they are open.

When you go to the Circle Thrift Shop you are not just helping yourself, you are helping the people of Philadelphia who are in need. There is nothing more fulfilling than making a great find, at a great price and knowing that you are doing something worthwhile at the same time.

Philly Aids Thrift 

If you are looking to find amazing buys, look no further than Philly Aids Thrift. They are always busting at the seams with items for sale. They have a furniture warehouse and a store. You can expect to find sales such as fill a bag for $1, buy a suit rack for $5 and the like. The merchandise is constantly changing since the low prices guarantee that nothing linger, if you see something you like, buy it. It won’t be here the next time you shop. It isn’t just clothes either, they have tons of Christmas ornaments and house wares.  To find the best buys, check the colored tags, they get you an extra 25-75 percent discount.

The money you spend will help in the fight against HIV and Aids.  

The Second Mile Center 

In 2008, The Second Mile Center was voted the Best of the Best by the Main Line Times and you will agree when you visit their stores that the selection is unparallel and the prices are low, low, low.  One of the stores is mainly clothing and the other stores, all nearby run the gamut from furniture to sporting goods and just about anything that anyone could have donated.  The stores are closed on Sunday but Monday- Saturday you can come in and spend a good long time looking through their well organized displays.

These are just three of the best thrift shops in Philadelphia. The next time you are in the City of Brotherly Love, come on in and find a great bargain and help those in Philly who will benefit from your generosity.