Restaurant Reviews Copabanana Philadelphia Penn

When it comes to happening streets in Philadelphia,  South St is one that comes to mind. In 1963,  The Orlons made it famous with their song South St” where all the hippies meet. Today it is more like where do all the yuppies meet. With a $50 gift certificate in hand we found parking at the garage on Lombard Street which is only a couple of blocks away and set out to find Copabanana.

With a fun name like Copabanana you know that this isn’t going to be just any restaurant and you are right. It’s bold , it’s brash and it is also lots of fun. It isn’t hard to find either, the building is bright blue with palm trees, doesn’t look like someplace from the frigid north. Try to get a window seat, South Street is the kind of street where people watching can become an art.

The menu is large. We started with the “Fall of Fame Burgers” they are served on a sesame seed bun and if you think it is all about beef, well rethink that thought. Sure, there is beef but there is also turkey, chicken, vegetarian, tuna and mahi mahi burgers. With a side of Spanish or French fries you have a definite winner.

They also have entrees, fajitas, steak, ribs jerk chicken, and grilled shrimp with a choice of two sides. They have a nice variety of side with the likes of macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, fried plantains, yellow rice, beans, grilled pineapple, hush puppies and more. You won’t go away hungry, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for something lighter they have a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches most with a Southern twist, I mean south of Philly. Some are Caribbean, some are Tex-Mex some are just plain unique.

We had a shrimp cocktail to start and it had five giant shrimp in a martini glass. It was served with two sauces and we certainly had enough to share.

We had burgers with our choice of toppings and I added a key lime martini which was perfect. They really know their way around a martini.

We finished up with a huge slab of a dense and slightly sweet carrot cake. Again it was a huge piece and we had more than enough to share.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to feel the joy, the youth and the hip element of Philly. And you don’t have to be young to enjoy it.