Neighborhood Guide William Penn Annex East in Philadelphia Penn

William Penn Annex East is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located in what is more commonly known as the Old City. This is one of the most exclusive, sought after areas of the city. It is also the one that gets the most tourist traffic so when considering moving to this area, that is something to consider. A door left open can result in tourist walking in thinking that you are an attraction. Not something most people would enjoy. The homes are mostly historic row houses or newer high-rise buildings and the prices are through the roof in this area with mansions going in the millions. Notice the s on the end of million. There are of course homes, condos, and town houses to be had for under $500,000 and some even under $300,0000. There are plenty of apartments as well in the area.

History abounds in this area with Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Visitor Center and the Second National Bank all located here. It is the most historic part of the city. Public transportation is available including the Phlash buses which are free to seniors as well as a metro station and regular city buses. I-95 is and I-676 are easily accessible. Driving is easy in Philadelphia, there is a lot of traffic but it flows well.

Among the churches in this neighborhood are Christ Church where George Washington, Betsey Ross and Benjamin Franklin all attended this historic church which is still an active community today. Benjamin Franklin is buried in the cemetery of the church and you will notice his grave always has piles of pennies on it. Benjamin Franklin’s home, which no longer exists was also in this neighborhood as is Betsey Ross’.

Old St. Joseph’s a Roman Catholic Church is also in this area. Founded in 1733 it is the oldest catholic church in the city.

City Tavern  is still a popular place to dine. The building which is a reconstruction is on the original location and it is where the members of the Continental Congress went to dine, drink and discuss. Today the wait staff wears costumes and the menu includes some historic items.

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool  is located within this neighborhood and offers an exception private learning experience for children from infancy through pre-school.

The Arden Theatre  which is a local regional theatre group is also located with the William Penn Annex East neighborhood. The theatre is located in a historic building and brings a variety of production to life every year as well as doing educational programs for school children.

Independence Charter School offers classes for children from grades 1-8 and has earned a 6/10 performance rating based on standardized state test results according to GreatSchools. 

William Penn Annex East is one of the most historic areas of Philadelphia and also one that has a lot to offer to people who might want to live there.