Neighborhood Guide Southwest Center City in Philadelphia Pa

Southwest Center City is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. According to the SOSNA, South of South Neighborhood Association it is also known as South of South, and Graduate Hospital. No matter what you call it, it is located to the south of Center City on the western half of the neighborhood. What is not disputed is that it is located between South Street and Washington and Broad Street to the Schuylkill River. It is a great place to live and/or work.

Public bus transportation is available in the neighborhood. There are two metro stops along Broad Street that are both just outside the neighborhood, one to the south and one to the north. With the reopening of the South Street Bridge this neighborhood is within walking distance of Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. Prices in this area start around $250,000 and go up as high as a million dollars depending on size, age, location and condition. Most of the homes are row houses and there are rentals available.

This area of Philadelphia was originally settled by Swedish colonists in the mid 1600’s. Well into the 18th century this area was farmland and it didn’t really start to become the neighborhood it is today until the after the Civil War. The railroad brought industry to the area and the workers needed homes to live in. Streets with tightly packed up houses sprang up along with factories along Washington Avenue and the Schuylkill River.

South of South is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Philadelphia. It has families who have been here for generations and families new to the area. It has historic homes and new construction. It is a neighborhood that has been reinvigorated and the community feel is strong. There are lots of great places to dine out and to shop within the neighborhood. 

The Christian Street YMCA is open seven days a week and offers childcare for parents with children from infancy to age 12. It allows parents to take a class and know that their children are well cared for. There are programs for children of all ages as well. The Y has an indoor pool, gymnasium and fitness center. Family gym time is offered as well as personal trainers. Group exercise and fitness is also available. Parent and child swim time is available from 6 months of age.

There are two elementary schools within this neighborhood, Chester A. Arthur and Edwin M. Stanton. Both schools offer classes for students in grades K-5. While Stanton does better in the standardized state test results, Arthur is more popular with parents and children.

The St. Charles Senior Community Center is located within this neighborhood. It is operated in cooperation between the Catholic Church and the city. It offers meals where seniors can enjoy the company of others, transportation, emergency assistance and counseling.

Southwest Center City is not without its issues but it is a well located neighborhood that has lots of facilities and is getting better all the time. The neighborhood feel is strong and it is a good place to invest in the future.