First Friday art event in Philadelphia

If you have a love of many fine arts, keep your calender open for the first Friday of the month each month from 5-9 p.m. On this day every month,The Old City Neighborhood of Philadelphia offers a chance to experience just what the city has to offer.This event is also free of charge. You also get a chance to meet and spend time with other art enthusiasts from the city. This is basically a city wide “Open House” type event for art venues, shops and other locations to show off their works and what they have to offer.

This event started back in 1991 and is hosted by The Old City Arts Association. This event brings people together from several walks of life to experience art in its many forms. You will basically see a variety of anything art oriented, such as antiques, contemporary art, classic design, and also performers and theater activities. The city opens up to the people of the community, creating an experience like no other if youre a performance or art buff.

If you are just looking for something different to do, or want to view a historic side of Philly that dates back in history, get out and enjoy the night. See the beauty and unique atmosphere that this artistic neighborhood has to offer. Watch nightfall come about and walk the streets of Old City. This will give you a chance to see a side of Philadelphia that radiates history in every step. Also, step out of the box and see specialty art and performances like no other.

Philadelphia is host to several unique art galleries that open their doors to the city during this event. This is a chance to see the talent of dwellers and artists in Philadelphia. Also, there will be performances featuring the unique talented abilities of visual artists, reaching out to entertain you. Whether you plan to stay in Old City just for Friday night, or all week end, you will find that the city opens up to you, and will definetely provide great accomodation. Be sure to check out this event, and if you want a heads up for what is offered check out the website for The Old City Arts Association. Even if you have not become accustomed to the arts, be sure to check this event out, it has culture radiating from every storefront and artist in the area.