First Dates in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

The first date is all about impressions. Hopefully, those impressions will be good ones. As such, it is important to try not to put too much pressure on the two individuals involved in the dating process. The venue of the date itself can go a long way to taking some of that initial pressure off the man and the woman during this first outing.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers wonderful first date options. Of course, it’s best to skip the dinner and movie option for the first date. The movie takes the attention away from the individuals and puts it on the activity. The dinner puts too much attention of the individuals and their ability to impress the other.

A good first date in Pittsburgh could start out at Phipps Conservatory in the Oakland neighborhood of the city. Here, at one of the finest, world class Victorian conservatory and botanical gardens, the couple can spend hours wandering through the Palm Court, the Orchid Room or the Bonsai display. In better weather, the outdoor rose garden or lily pond offer a spectacular area to walk and engage in casual conversation. If the topics between the individuals lags, there is always something in the garden to comment on and take the conversation into new directions. Casual dining at Cafe Phipps could bring the event to a close, leading to either plans for a future meeting, or just a fond farewell for an enjoyable outing together.

Early in the summer, Pittsburgh is home to the Three Rivers Arts Festival. For a couple of weeks each year in early June, the city hosts an amazing variety of creative people who display their crafts, paintings or performance arts for public appreciation and. hopefully for the artist, purchase by the crowds that flock there each year. A first date spent listening to street musicians and watching hand-blown glass being made while munching on a freshly made gyro is a delightful and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. Lots of activity going on around the couple takes the pressure off those all important first impressions.

Pittsburgh is also home to many great professional artists. A first date at Heinz Hall listening to the world renowned Pittsburgh Symphony or attending the Benedum Center to see a Civic Light Opera performance or a show from the Broadway Series is a first class method of impressing a first date. Most of the greatest touring acts make their way to Pittsburgh at one time or another.

Pittsburgh is somewhat unique in that there are two incline cars that operate all day long, taking people from the main area of the city up the side of Mt. Washington to a one of the highest elevations in the area for a spectacular view of the city, its skyline and the amazing three rivers that make Pittsburgh so noteworthy. Many of the most famous photographs of this beautiful city have been taken from this vantage point. A mile-long walkway and numerous observation decks await the incline riders at the top. Also, Mt. Washington boasts several of the finest restaurants in the city, all with memorable views of the city below.

First dates are special. A good date can be the determining factor in whether or not there will ever be a second date. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there are plenty of great opportunities to make that first date an event to remember.