Eating in Philadelphia

Philly is a great place to visit and an even better place to get a good meal. There are restaurants in every neighborhood that will have you coming back again and again. Philadelphia is however most famous for one thing, the cheese steak.

Cheese steaks

South Philly is home to both Geno’s and Pat’s the kings of the cheese-steak. Ordering the cheese-steak is an art and you have to know what you’re doing before you try to order at either establishment. There are two things that need to be addressed, with or without onions and Cheesewiz or Provolone. Once you have decided all that is left is to sink your teeth into the meaty, cheesy hoagie. It’s a messy job but one that is well worth changing your shirt over.


This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the name Philadelphia comes up but  Creperie  Beaumonde will make a convert of even the most reluctant diner. Located just south of South Street on Sixth,  it has a great atmosphere and even better crepes. It isn’t all about dessert either; they offer a typical Breton buckwheat crepe with many choices of savory filling.

Reading Terminal Market

If you are just hungry and have no specific cuisine in mind the Reading Terminal Market is the perfect place to go. You can feast on the freshest of produce or a typical Amish treat. Some of the most popular breakfast spots in Philadelphia are located in the market, as well as bakeries and candy shops.

Mussel’s and Frites

If you have an urge for a Belgian beer and some of the best mussels and frites anywhere, head over to Spruce Street and visit Monk’s Cafe. They have a beer bible that is something any beer lover will truly appreciate. The mussels come in a bucket and the frites are served with mayonnaise as they should be.

Before Theatre Dining

Before or after a show at the Kimmel Center or the Walnut of Forrest Theaters I love to eat at Varalli. This is two restaurants in one. Upstairs at Varalli has wonderful views of the Avenue of the Arts and Sotto Varalli has a great bar with a unique underwater theme. They both share the same menu which I would call Nouveau Italian. I have never had anything but stellar service and the food is outstanding.

Museum Dining

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a wonderful cafeteria. The food is fresh, the prices are reasonable and the art ion the museum makes a very good case for eatting there.

No matter what you are craving , Philadelphia will have a restaurant to satisfy your needs.