Dining in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh is a Mecca of eating establishments.  A diner can find any type of cuisine to satisfy his pallette within the city limits.   Family friendly restaurants are extremely popular in Pittsburgh due to the increasing amount of families who call Pittsburgh home. However; Pittsburgh is also a college town and has its share of bars and pubs that play a part in Pittsburgh’s nightlife.  Fine diners aren’t left out either when dining in Pittsburgh as the city even has its fair share of four star restaurants.  Here are just some examples of Pittsburgh’s best restaurants from upscale dining to family friendly eateries:

Upscale Dining-

Lemont Restaurant- Lemont Restaurant is perhaps Pittsburgh’s most popular upscale restaurant. The dining room offers a beautiful view overlooking the city that doesn’t reflect in the price of its food. Lemont’s has won numerous culinary awards such as the Five Star Diamond Award and the Four Diamond Award.  The menu features upscale seafood and steak cuisine. Although Lemont’s is upscale and the dress is business casual it is also somewhat of a rarity because it is also family friendly. Reservations are accepted and strongly recommended. The restaurant is open for lunch and the dining room opens nightly at 5 pm with valet parking. Located at 1114 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211. (412)431-3100.

Nakama Japanese Steakhouse- Opening its doors in 2004 Nakama’s Japanese Steakhouse offers the best in Japanese cuisine, prepared right at your table in a fabulous display. Nakama’s was voted as having the best sushi in Pittsburgh. Nakama’s also has a VIP points program for regular diners. Parking is somewhat limited on Pittsburgh’s south side. Located at 1611 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. (412)381-6000.

Family Friendly Dining-

The Original Pancake House- The Original Pancake House is a chain restaurant famous for its apple pancakes, although all of the entire breakfast menu is delicious. Breakfast can be ordered throughout the day and the Pancake House also has a lunch menu. The Original Pancake House was voted by parents as one of Pittsburgh’s most family friendly restaurants of 2008. This is a true family friendly restaurant with a kid friendly atmosphere, with lots of high chairs and booster seats available. The atmosphere is loud and everyone leaves happy.  The lines can be a little long on the weekends and reservations aren’t accepted. Hours are Sunday 7-3 pm, Saturday 7-3:30pm, and Monday through Friday from 7-2 pm. Located at 8300 Mc Knight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. (412)358-9622.

Johnny Rockets- Another national chain, this restaurant is dedicated to classic American food, burgers and other drive in foods. Johnny Rocket’s is loud with a jukebox usually blaring and it is fun for the whole family. Johnny Rocket’s was voted Pittsburgh’s best kid family restaurant in 2008 by ParentsConnect online. Located at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, 433 Pittsburgh Mills Circle, Tarentum, PA 15084. (724)274-4180.

Adult Dining-

Hightops Cafe- Hightops Cafe is a popular downtown bar not much different than the original bar in Chicago. Hightops Cafe is a cafe/bar that offers American Cuisine and over two dozen domestic and imported brews. In recent years the cafe has been the hangout spot before a game at Heinz Field. The bar opens every morning at 11 am and by Pennsylvania law closing time is 2 am. The bar is located at 200 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Hard Rock Cafe- No modern city is complete without a Hard Rock Cafe. The Hard Rock Cafe opened in downtown Pittsburgh, in 2002. Stunning architecture, beautiful views of the city and seating for over 200, the Hard Rock Cafe is just as popular with the lunchtime crowd as the dinner crowd. The menu is classic American with the traditional Hard Rock Cafe flare. The Hard Rock is popular with sports fans before, during and after a game, in which it can get quite rowdy and loud. The Hard Rock can be rented for parties and events and its Rock n Roll store is second to none. It is located at 230 W. Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Open weekdays until 12 am and weekends until 2 pm.

These restaurants were voted by their patrons as the best restaurants in Pittsburgh 2008, in their genre, and are just a sample of what to expect when you dine in Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh you will find many different types of menus available from burgers and fries to fine ethnic cuisine. The restaurant menus vary here just as the cultures do.