Consignment Stores Athens Sayre Pennsylvania Waverly new York

There are some consignment shops near Athens, Pennsylvania and right now, they are coming in very handy as the economy plunges even more. Consignment shops will save you money on lots of items you need for your home and family.

Children’s Depot

103 S Elmira St Athens, PA (570) 888-9261

The Children’s depot carries only clothes, toys, and baby equipment. All the items are carefully checked for quality when they are brought in.

You can find like new clothing for babies and children who outgrow things long before the items wear out. You will find strollers, walkers, baby baths, and plenty of toys.

If your children have outgrown something, you can bring it into the shop. They will give you a fair price for all items, and while you are there grab a nice item for your family.

Salvation Army

561 Broad St Waverly, NY (607) 565-7137

Every location has one of these great thrift stores in their local area. This huge thrift store is in a large building that held a supermarket in a past life. There is plenty of room for clothing, shoes, books, bedding, nick knacks, and even furniture.

It is not uncommon to find tags from expensive stores still hanging on the apparel. All items are carefully checked for damages and usefulness upon entering the building.

You can use this store or stores like it in your local area to save big bucks on clothing for when the kids return to school. Around here, we parents call it the S&A boutique, which makes the kids feel better. Many thrifty parents of all income levels around here shop at this store.

Rainbow’s End

417 Main St, Towanda, PA (570) 265-3060

This consignment shop on the main street of Towanda is a quick drive from the valley. It is packed to the rafters with good quality clothing for all ages of family members.

Prices are very competitive and the staff is very helpful. Do not let the small interior of the store dissuade you from browsing. There are plenty of treasures within.

Sammy’s Swap shop

334 Broad St Waverly, NY (607) 565-2530

This business is what most people refer to as a pawnshop, and it offers struggling individuals the opportunity to get a cash loan on their possessions. The staff will keep the items until the individual returns within the month or will buy it outright.

Local shoppers can save a great deal of money on household items and electronics. Computers and game systems are two of the biggest sellers, and there are a great number of compact discs to go with any number of stereos.

If you are looking for a quality stereo or computer at a fair price, than you need to stop by and see Sammy.