Consignment shops in Philadelphia, Penn

The economy has everyone rethinking their spending habits. Budget conscious Philadelphians, have lots of places where they can not only save money on great clothes and household items but can also receive cash for  some of the items that they have that they no longer want or need. Consignment shops are located all over the city and in the suburbs as well and offers lots of great deals. Here are just a few of the places that are available.

Greene Street Consignment Shop has more than one location. In addition to Philadelphia, not on Green Street by the way, there are locations in Bryn Marr, West Chester, Manayunk, Lambertville and Princeton. It is easy to do business with Green Street, they will give you a straight 40 percent of what your item sells for and many of the locations offer rear door drop off of your items. On the upside as a shopper, they also have a great selection of stylish items at prices that won’t give you sticker shock. The Philadelphia store is located on South Street and is open seven days a week. Check in often as stock is always changing. If you are planning to consign, please check their website to see what they are accepting during the month you want to sell your items. They take about 21 days from drop off to getting items on the shelf so you need to consider the season. 

Second Time Around is part of a chain that has locations in 11 states mostly on the east coast. The Philadelphia location is on Chestnut Street which is a very trendy location and goes along with their motto, “Resale Goes Upscale”.  This is not an average resale shop in any way. What they will accept are recognized designer name items in great shape. They are looking for items less than two years old, seasonally appropriate in new or near new condition. Items need to be laundered or dry cleaned before being brought in. You will need to bring in a minimum of three items to open an account. Items are priced at 30-40 percent of original prices unless they have tags and then it is 50 percent. You will receive 40 percent of the sale price. Checks will be sent out when you have $100 in your account. So come on in for great clothes and accessories and also to get some cash for your own past season items.  

Fashion Forward offers great fashion in Chestnut Hill. This is a high end shop that brings Madison Avenue fashion to Philadelphia. To open an account at Fashion Forward, you need to make an appointment the first time.They are looking for gently worn designer clothes. You will receive 50 percent of the final price received. Items are shown for three months after which you can choose to donate them or make an appointment to pick them up. They will accept fashion forward clothing or haute couture. It is therefore a great place to shop as well.

There are two other interesting shops Vamp Boutique and Buffalo Exchange. As the residents of Philadelphia know all too well, prices are high but when it comes to designer fashions, there are lots of good deals to be had at the local consignment shops.