Best Philadelphia Suburbs for Families

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a city that is full of history and is where the principles of the government of the United States formed. Most of the buildings and some homes from the 1800’s are in a historical district of Philadelphia. This is the hub of everything about Pennsylvania and the United States. Philadelphia has a wealth of history and is the gateway to learning, the arts, unique culinary, beauty, captivating and educational venues and contains a vision seen nowhere else.

The city of Philadelphia seems to explode as the center of a wagon’s wheel. The spokes of this giant wheel reach to different states offering an exciting and enthralling experience without going any significant distance. New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Delaware, are not so far away that one could make a day trip into any of these states. While Virginia and Connecticut lie in proximity to Philadelphia, one would have to prepare a few days for a visit due to these states are a bit further from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is a fantastic city to visit and stay. Families may want to live in a calmer and unhurried suburb of Philadelphia, removing them from the hustle of the enormous city life. There are at least twelve lovely family orientated suburbs of Philadelphia. These suburbs offer new families excellent schools for children, friendly neighbors, safety on the streets, quiet splendor, and are surely worth checking out. Families are still within close distance to the exciting city of Philadelphia and not far from a venue of adventure.

The following suburbs provide a real choice for newcomers to the Philadelphia area; Narberth, East Marlborough, Warwick, Upper Makefield, Wayne, Upper Providence, Wynnewood, Solbury, Lafayette Hill, Swarthmore, Jenkintown, and Huntingdon Valley.

Some of the smaller suburbs such as Narberth have a population of just over 4,000 residents. Some of the larger suburbs have just over 30,000 residents. All of these suburbs seem to have the same thing in common; good schools, specialized activities for the younger and older residents, beautiful parks, sporting leagues, city governments and individual police and fire departments, quiet, safe streets, cleanliness of the city with charming mom and pop stores and pristine homes.

In the smaller suburbs such as Narberth, everyone seems to know everybody. These suburbs give time to relax and enjoy being away from the Philadelphia city life. No one is so far away that one cannot make a trip to the big city whenever desired.

Suburban life reaches into the other states and is within proximity of new adventures and exciting sights. So close is city life that it gives all who visit the experience of living in the fast lane, but then visitors are able to return to their beautiful suburbia towns when peace and quiet reigns and life is much slower.