A Guide to Pittsburghs Walking Trails

Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are replete with walking and hiking trails for all levels of experience. Within the city there are five parks that each have their own charm, beauty, and trails. Available through the city counsel is a map of the suggested walking loops to explore the history and beauty of Pittsburgh. Just outside of town are State and US parks where not only the length of the trails increases, but so does the range of experience levels.

City Parks

Frick Park, covering 600 acres, has the most wide-ranging collection of trails. Complete with a playground, environmental center, tennis courts and a bowling green this park has something for everyone. Even your canine friend will love Frick Park’s off-leash area.

Highland Park encompasses the historic Reservoir No. 1, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and the PPG Aquarium. With volleyball courts, a long-course swimming pool, a terrific playground, and numerous picnic shelters this is a kid friendly place to hike, walk, and thoroughly enjoy.

Riverview Park is just north of downtown and is the only park in Pittsburgh to offer horseback riding trails. There is a world class Observatory, an extensive nature center, an archery range, historic buildings and artifacts. The trails wind through the park, but stay well away from the archery range. Peaceful and serene, this is a park to find your connection with nature.

Schenley Park houses the Phipps Conservatory, a golf course, disc golf course, and splendid scenery. Located near the University of Pittsburgh, there are many trails that intersect the different activity areas throughout the park. Ponds and meadows can be discovered, as well as many intriguing cultural attractions. All to be enjoyed in a days walk.

Point State Park

Three Rivers Walk Trail is a 12 mile urb’an flat trail that winds along the banks of the three rivers that converge at Point State Park. Whether you want a romantic stroll, a brisk cardio walk, or just want to take in the sights and history of the area, this is an awe-inspiring scenic route through the urban center of Pittsburgh.

Outside of Pittsburgh

In the southwestern portion of Pennsylvania there are literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails. From the numerous State and US Parks and the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy to County Parks and the sections of the Great Allegheny Passage, there are trails for every walker, hiker, backpacker, and even the backcountry hikers. The Allegheny mountains await you in and around Pittsburgh, PA.