My Experiences in new York City Ny

New York City has something of interest for anyone at any age or season. If you don’t have a destination, why not pick up a copy of the New Yorker and explore the many cultural happenings to see which is most appealing to you or your traveling companion. Once I visited the Big Apple during

The History of Bushnell Park in Hartford Ct

When Reverend Horace Bushnell proposed what has become known as Bushnell Park in 1853 he described his vision as “an opening in the heart of the city… a place where children play… a place for holiday scenes and celebrations… where rich and poor will exchange looks and make acquaintance through the eyes… a place of

Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in new York City

Here are my five nominations for the best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan. If I included all of New York City, I wouldn’t be able to get through them for days and months. Incidentally, all of those I named are very clean, reasonable and offer delicious food. B & H Vegetarian is not strictly vegetarian, but

Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

First of all, understand that Vegas is famous for its big and varied buffets. Some of the most elegant are in the posh resorts on the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). Of course there are some Mom and Pop cafes that have veggie meals on their menus in other parts of the city, but for the

Guide to Local Transportation in new York City

Thousands of tourists descend on New York City daily. With scads of tourists and an even larger number of New Yorkers on the move, the complex transportation infrastructures and airports are vital services. Airports Many visitors to New York City arrive by air from cities worldwide. Kennedy Airport, the largest airport in New York, handles

A Beginners Guide to Las Vegas Shows

LAS VEGAS SHOWS FOR THE BEGINNER One surprising aspect of Las Vegas that many people might not be aware of is that besides the gambling scene in Las Vegas, there are also a lot of Shows – Glitzy and Glamorous Shows; and fantastic productions. If you are going to Vegas for the first time and

Most Fun Restaurants in new York

I travel two or three times a year to New York because I just love this city. I love everything about this city but choosing a restaurant can be a difficult endeavor. There are a lot of tourist traps and from fun you can go to despair when you receive your plate…and the check! It

Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

Someone who is a vegetarian or a vegan probably already realizes the obstacles they will face when they explore the vast choices of restaurants throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. After all, just because you’re a vegetarian (or a vegan) does not mean you want a salad every single day. Generally everybody enjoys having a wide selection

Fusha Nyc

There are so many sushi restaurants in Manhattan’s Upper West Side that it borders on ridiculous. Fusha is just one of the many, but it distinguishes itself in many important, but not all positive ways. Located on the corner of 75th and Amsterdam, Fusha offers a not entirely unique, but most likely enjoyable dining experience.

Best Things other than Gambling to do in Las Vegas

Best Alternatives to Gambling in Las Vegas Las Vegas was built on a worldwide reputation of non-stop gambling action where a fortune can be won for a few dollars and a smile from Lady Luck. The city has evolved and developed, however, and today there are an abundance of things to do and places to