Class Action Lawyers Are Class Action Assholes

Oooooooookay. I have thought long and hard about making a post about class action lawsuits because enough is enough.

In theory, ‘class action’ lawsuits work to help and bring “justice” to a large number of people with similar injuries, sufferings, or losses – I call bullshit

Now I am sure you have all seen the lame commercials targeted to individuals with a certain illness that may have been caused by a drug, a company, or anything really.

And at some point you may have believed these law firms and lawyers working ‘on behalf’ of the injured were truly there to help. Well, for the few of you who still feel that way let me be the first to tell you that IT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

Class action lawyers are some of the biggest scam artists out there. They trick people by not taking any money up front and then when they win, the lawyers rake in all the money leaving the plaintiffs with a settlement of little to nothing.

In case you don’t know just how big of assholes these lawyers are, allow me to explain….

Right now there is a class action lawsuit against TICKETMASTER. This lawsuit stems from TICKETMASTER incorporating “excessive and deceptive” charges on their website.

Can you guess what the proposed settlement was!??!

The attorneys are to be awarded 16.5 MILLION DOLLARS and the ‘class members’ will receive up to two credits at for $1.50 – so some lucky bastards will get THREE WHOLE DOLLARS in discounts.

What…….a joke.

The lawyers walk away with millions and the plaintiffs are getting lucky with their coupons.

You think that’s bad? Imagine those with medical injuries and serious illnesses that watch their lawyers make millions off their sicknesses while they are awarded several hundred pennies.

I am sure they are thinking that its okay that their hip doesn’t work because this $18.00 was SO worth it.

Class actions are a total scam where the lawyers are ALWAYS the ONLY winners as they take advantage of the masses for their own personal gain.

STOP engaging and participating in class action lawsuits until our Congressmen and women change state and federal torte law.

Stop letting these lawyers take advantage of you

To the lawyers who work with torte law, I will leave you with how I feel about you with a note from Little Rascals:

Dear Torte Lawyers,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are the scum between my toes!



But seriously, you disgust me and never forget that KARMA’S A BITCH (and so am I).