What to do in the Winter in Bend Oregon

Downhill snow skiing and snowboarding at Mount Bachelor are a couple of the most popular activities in the Bend area. People come from far and wide to hit the slopes at Bachelor. Even if you don’t do downhill, most people can appreciate hot cocoa and people watching in the lodge. There is nothing as pretty as seeing this fine white powder in the Douglas fir evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.

The High Desert Museum just south of Bend is a great hands on and kid friendly destination point for families seeking year round education and entertainment. They have Native American displays with artifacts from tribes of the local area. There are animal displays, including spiders, snakes, fish and birds of prey. So much to see here, it is hard to take it all in on a single visit.

Though Bend is near the tall trees of the Cascades, it is a drier less humid climate here than on the other side of the mountain range. There are more sunny than cloudy days in this section of Oregon.

For those who are on a budget, snow is free and hills are everywhere as Bend is seated next to the Cascade mountain range. Grab your inner-tubes and snow sleds find yourself some fun. Be sure to wear proper winter attire and make sure your vehicle is equipped to travel in snow, as sudden snowstorms can quickly dump several inches on the ground. Bring extra food and blankets for emergencies, just in case you get stranded.

Another free attraction of the Bend area is the sky. Star gazing here is outstanding when the clouds clear out. The air is crisp and clean, without a speck of city smog. The stars seem more brilliant here at night time than anywhere else.

Bend is the largest city in Central Oregon, but it still has that small town feel. People here seem friendlier than in other cities of similar size. If you take a stroll along a city street, people will greet you and make you feel welcome.

From Bend there is access to desert to the east, and the mountains to the west. Though the area is rural, they have a very fine hospital in Bend which services most of eastern and Central Oregon.

Nearby Sisters, La Pine, Redmond, Prineville, Sun River and Crooked River Ranch also have that wild west appeal that you will find in Bend. It is not uncommon to go into a restaurant and see cowboys and cowgirls dressed in leather chaps.