The History of Fort Klamath Oregon

Fort Klamath, Oregon has a history dating as far back as 1862. It was established as an army or military post with a view of protecting settlers and migrant pioneers venturing into the new West. The original outpost was located near the western end of the Oregon Trail. The location was chosen by Colonel C.S. Drew of the First Oregon Cavalry. The location of Fort Klamath was strategically chosen because of its physical features including water, timber, pastureland and scenic beauty. The fort was built in 1863 by Troop C of the First Oregon Cavalry and is an important part of Oregon history.

Fort Klamath was relatively peaceful and busy with about 50 buildings and a saw mill. It was a very important post during the Snake and Paiute wars and especially in the years 1872 and 1873 during the War which came about when the EW56B War which came about when the Modoc, whose native homeland included southern Oregon and northern California, were forced into a reservation  with two other Indian tribes; the Klamath and Yahooskin Indians, who were their enemies.

After the Modoc War ended in 1873, Fort Klamath was again a peaceful place to live and the job of protecting settlers was not necessary. By 1889 this fort was the last military outpost in Oregon and in June, 1890, the fort was closed and the troops left for Vancouver Barracks in the state of Washington.

The original fort was destroyed after a very harsh winter and was not rebuilt.The timber  which had been used to construct the houses was given to the Indians to carry away and use as they pleased. Landmarks of Fort Klamath that can be seen today are the graves of the four Modoc Indian leaders who were convicted and hanged at the fort in October 1873 after they killed General Edward Canby, and a Reverend and other members of a U.S. Army Peace Commission who had been sent to negotiate peace with the Indians during the Modoc War.

Fort Klamath stood for 27 years. Today there is a designated park and a museum that resembles the original guardhouse at the fort has been built for the preservation of the history of Fort Klamath.

The current Fort Klamath is an unincorporated community which lies between Crater Lake National Park and the Upper Klamath Lake in Klamath County, about a mile northwest of the original fort. It has a low population but because of its rich history and scenic beauty and many tourist attractions in and around the area; more people are visiting the area with others opting to stay and make Fort Klamath home.