The best pet stores have friendly staff and wide selections of merchandise

Salem, Oregon has only two major pets stores in the immediate area: PetSmart and PetCo. PetSmart is at 2025 Lancaster Road. PetCo now has two locations first in Keizer, Oregon at 6425 Keizer Station Blvd just off I-5 and the other at 628 Lancaster in Salem. Besides these, there are feed stores that offer pet supplies and food. Nearby Dallas, Oregon also has one of the best pet store, Pioneer Pets. Pet stores offer grooming, veterinarian services, boarding besides selling live animals.

Purchase pets

PetSmart and PetCo have a wide variety of pets that people can buy. However, often the pets are seasonal and only available at certain times. Cats and dogs are not always available. These stores have small pets like mice, birds, snakes and fish. If you want rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, turtles or tortoises, call the store before going there. Another place to purchase dogs and cats is at the Williamette Humane Society at 4246 Turner Road in South Salem. They have a small selection of supplies. is another excellent place to look for local pets. Just type in the pet wanted and the area and a list of the appropriate animal will appear. Breeders and rescue organizations are another excellent source for buying pets. Find listing in the yellow pages under “pet shops in Salem.” Salem Friends of Felines at 980 Commercial Street Se is a perfect place to find cats and kittens.

Specialty pet stores

Some stores specialize a specific kind of food such as health foods. Two excellent stores are Nature’s Pet Market at 4555 Liberty Road South, Suite 130 in Salem. These folks will even hand deliver pet supplies. Another similar store is Sebastian’s Healthy Pet Food & Supply at 5247 Commercial Street Se in Salem. Some suppliers, like Everything Pawsible Inc 1415 Liberty Road in North Salem, combine boarding with supplies. The smaller stores in the area tend to have very friendly staff. The best stores also have resident pets owned by staff.

Feed stores

Feed stores and groomers often sell food and other supplies. The yellow pages list many of them all over the Salem area. Two feed stores in the Salem area are Champion Feed at 5711 Galin Road in Salem and Copper Creek at 4415 River Road N in Keizer. These stores have farm supplies including hay, wormers, and other supplies needed for livestock. Copper Creek also sells clothing and greeting cards. Its friendly staff makes the experience of shopping there satisfying. In addition they have gardening and landscaping supplies. The Champion Feed has rabbits for sale at certain times of the year like around Easter and especially in the springtime. Pioneer Pets in Dallas has a wide variety of supplies. The store is at 180 Pioneer Road.

The best pet stores in the Salem area tend to have a wide variety of supplies as well as live pets and a friendly staff. Most of the stores combine boarding or grooming with the store. PetSmart and PetCo both have veterinarian offices in the store. These stores also provide obedience training on site.