Small Town Guide Adel Oregon

Adel is a small community that is located in the state of Oregon in Lake County in the United States. This small community includes a few scattered ranches, a cafe, and a gas station. It is located in a very remote part of Oregon.

Adel, Oregon was first settled by Irish Catholics. When these new settlers arrived, they farmed wheat, sheep and cattle. The locals often call this community a remote valley. In Adel, you can find more rattlesnakes that live there than humans. Other animals that make their home in Adel are mule deer, jackrabbits, scorpions and magpies. Adel, Oregon is also home to a few hot springs. It is a great place to visit if you are an outdoor person or a nature lover. Many people are just passing through and they stop by the little town for a soft drink.

Native American once occupied Adel. There is evidence of arrowheads, artifacts and petroglyphs. On the valley floor of Adel can be found alkali lakes, wetlands and streams. Sage and juniper graze is very popular here. This community sits about 30 miles east of Lakeview. Highway 140 can take you straight there. Many travelers or vacationers often stop by this small town. There is also an RV park, grocery store, and post office. If you plan a visit to Adel, then the closest hotel or motel would be located in Lakeview. An online travel agent can give you a map and driving directions of the area to make your trip more enjoyable. An online travel agent can help provide you with a list of things you will need for visiting this peaceful and serene community.

The locals in Adel are very friendly and welcoming to new visitors. Quite a few people like to visit Adel and fish there. Populated places can be found within a 20 mile radius. Adel, Oregon rests at an elevation of 4,547 feet. This town is in the Pacific Time Zone. A small neighborhood is located 0.1 mile north of Adel. In a long time tradition it has been said that Adel was named by a former land owner, named after his sweetheart. Some people believe that Adel was named after a local cow whose mame was Leda, but the spelling is backwards. Adel, Oregon is a very interesting place to visit. It is a very relaxing place because you will not find a heavily populated city there.