Residents Guide to Bly Oregon

Bly, Oregon, is a great little town located on Highway 140, between Klamath Falls and Lakeview. The town is laid back and it is surrounded by farmland and trees. The timber industry has been of importance here.

The nearest large town is Klamath Falls, about 45 miles to the west. However, Bly has country-style stores and service stations to see to the needs of the residents and visitors. The people tend to be friendly and hard working. Neighbors usually know neighbors, and the people of the town like it that way.

Bly offers a great deal more, though. Forests, on either side of the town, provide the smell of fresh air, while also making this a great spot for a bit of outdoor recreation. 

Sprague river flows through the town, providing local people with a chance to do a bit of fishing for bullhead catfish, bluegill, bass and some of the best trout fishing to be found, particularly for fly fishermen. The river also contains a number of tasty crayfish. Even swimming holes aren’t a long walk for the people here, giving people a welcome way to cool off in the heat of summer.

For those who like to do a little fishing in a mountain stream, there are many places to go, if a person does’t mind travelling a dozen miles or so into the mountains east of Bly. Streams in the lower altitudes are often stocked with fish, however those in the mountains are about as wild as it gets. Fly fishermen especially treasure these creeks, to pit their skill against wily and good tasting trout.

There are even nearby lakes for fishing, wading, swimming rafting and relaxing. Great camping isn’t much more than a half hour away from town, whether a person prefers camping on a stream or lake. The US Forest Service maintains a number of nice camps for people to use, and most are well marked.

Hunters often enjoy the area around Bly, as well. There is a large population of mule deer in the area, and the bucks can reach a considerable size. Pronghorns also aren’t uncommon here and they provide a great challenge, especially to the bow hunter. 

If big game isn’t what the hunter is looking for, there are also squirrels, rabbits, hares, ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, grouse, an occasional wild turkey, and more. Many of these have been purposely planted, while others are totally natural to the area. 

If people would prefer to shoot the animals with a camera, that is easily accommodated, too. Bald and golden eagles can be seen, as well as ospreys. Kingfishers and song birds are plentiful. Coyotes range this place, looking for rabbits and squirrels, or perhaps a plump muskrat. Very rarely, a brief sighting of the elusive cougar might be glimpsed, though normally at quite a distance since these are timid and shy animals that prefer to keep well away from man. 

All of this is amid a natural setting that blends in with Bly, and throughout it. It is only fair to warn, however, that a person moving here for even a short time is likely to become hooked on the beauty surrounding this little town and the attitude of the people here. Such a person may never want to leave. It can be hard to find a friendlier and more welcoming community than this one, or a more beautiful one.