Neighborhood Guides Pelican City in Klamath Falls Oregon

Pelican City is a Klamath Falls neighborhood that has great appeal because of being spread out. The atmosphere is one of being laid back, though it isn’t far from the downtown area, fishing places, the hospital or Oregon Institute of Technology.

This is a place centered around Pelican Elementary School. The school building is so easily accessible that many kids walk to and from school. Yet, it also serves the community well. There are good teachers here and they genuinely care about the students. There isn’t a large staff, but they give individual attention. The school was built in the 1920s and has been maintained as a sturdy and safe place for children to receive early education.

One of the major businesses in this area is Jeld-Wen. This is a lumber manufacturing facility that contains up-to-date equipment for the production of primarily fir and pine products. Jeld-Wen is a major employer in Klamath Falls, and the door, window and specialty products they produce are used internationally.

Pelican City also overlooks Klamath Lake. This makes it a great neighborhood for people who like to fish, view and photograph wildlife, swim and go boating. Pelican Marina is less than a mile away, and from the marina, people can put their boats in the water or rent them. Sail-boating is quite popular in this large lake.

Moore Park isn’t much farther away than the marina, and this beautifully maintained park features areas to play baseball and soccer, tennis courts and picnic tables as an ideal place to take the family for a relaxing family outing. The park also overlooks the lake, so people can watch pelicans, cranes, gulls, ducks and an occasional eagle as they sit and relax.

Between the park and the marina is the nature trail that borders Link River. The trail is great for viewing plant and animal life. There are several observation blinds where people can watch the waterfowl and other birds, and in the summer, grebes are almost constantly present. It isn’t uncommon for ducks and geese to nest and have their young in this area, and various blackbirds and song birds are common.

The entire landscape around Pelican City is a haven for wildlife, due to how close sources of water are. Even mule deer and an occasional pronghorn can be seen. Birds are more numerous than most other animals, though. It is a great place for people who love wildlife and a view of the lake.

The houses in this neighborhood mostly consist of single story, single family homes of a modest nature. While biking paths are not common, traffic is also minimal, even though the community is bordered to the north by Highway 97. This highway does offer the means to go to Klamath Falls, as well as to travel north to other Oregon destinations. In fact, using this US Highway, Pelican City is minutes away from both the hospital and Oregon Institute of Technology.Pelican cinemas lies just outside Pelican City and gets its name from the neighborhood.

OIT is important to Klamath Falls, in general, and excels in collegiate studies, especially those involving medicine. In the 1990s, it was the only university in the US that offered a bachelor’s degree in vascular technology. While it is a smaller campus than those of many universities, the teaching and office staff are second to none. They take the extra time to educate the students on a more individual basis than can be found at larger schools. OIT even has a great basketball team, so the community has a home team to cheer on.

Pelican City is a neighborhood that is great in many ways. It is relaxing and spread out so nobody should feel like they can’t step out the door without walking in the neighbor’s yard. There are places to fish and boat, or just to go for a picnic. Nature, and the lake, are close by. The grade school, college and the hospital are all very near. With all of this, downtown is less than 10 minutes away. This is a great neighborhood.

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