Klamath Falls Attractions

Klamath Falls is a treasure of the State of Oregon. There is many must see sights in Klamath Falls. Tourists start from consequences of earthly activity to historic sites and finally to man-made attractions.

Consequences of volcanoes

The mountains falls and lakes around Klamath Falls developed from volcanoes.  Most tourists wander through the timber-laden hills and mountains and forget that these are inactive volcanoes. You can walk bike or ride motorcycles through caves cut by lava flows at the Lava Bed National Monuments.

Crater Lake came into existence when a volcano blew its stack and later filled with water.  The water is beautiful to sight and offers a large body of water for water sports. In addition, waters flowed through areas of the rocks to make the Klamath Falls that is a breathtaking natural water fountain.

Petroglyph Point gives you the consequences of interaction of volcanoes and humans, American Indians. The Petroglyph Point is where American Indians canoed out to a large pile of soft lava and drew pictures in the lava. As time went by the lava hardened but the pictures made in, the soft lava turned into rock. There are other landmarks, which highlight the history of man in the area.

Historical sites

You can experience the life of pioneers in the early Oregon area through a visit to the Fort Klamath site. This fort protected pioneers to the area in the early days. Later tourists could travel onto a Japanese Internment camp from World War II. In contrast, as you are visiting a jet might fly over from the Air Force Air Field at Klamath Falls Air Field. The past and the present could collide.


The life that existed prior to man is visible through the marshland visits to wildlife group’s home. Many water-fowls make the area home. Visitors can watch these birds and see the national pride symbol with the bald eagle. Some of these areas have limited access to protect the wildlife, but usually have some access time. There are man made ways to experience the same area that wildlife enjoys.


There are man made attractions. You can ride a miniature train through a two-mile woody area of woods that have grown around the mountains from inactive volcanoes. After the ride, visits can visit the railroad museum and to see one of the longest scale model train sets.

 Klamath Falls offers a wide variety of sights. With history, geology, and wildlife pairing with man the sights appear almost unlimited.