Historic Sites of Interest in Coos Bay Oregon

Coos Bay in Oregon may not be the most relevant of historic locations when compared with other parts of the United States but it does have its share of unique and interesting folklore that gives a flavor of life here in the past century and more. Historic sites are a unique testimony to every city or town and serve to transport us back in time to revisit the place through the ruins, artifacts and documents once used by past generations. Coos Bay is no different and has its own interesting relics of the past to pique the interest of those who visit. Every city or town has its own unique piece of history, something distinctive or exceptional that gives it its own character and become part of the local folklore.

Coos Bay has a very mysterious claim to fame based on something as simple as a board protruding from a sand dune that would appear and disappear as the high winds stirred the sand. It was a remarkable discovery when a fierce storm succeeded in clearing what was once thought to be no more than a sand dune. Lying below the surface was the solution to the mystery of the board that appeared regularly. It was in fact part of a shipwreck that had been covered by sand until it was unearthed in 2008.

You can but imagine that the kind of storm resulting in the exposing the buried ship was similar to the one that caused the ancient ship to run aground in the first place. The discovery of the wreck is now part of the local folklore in Coos Bay and as an added bonus, an attraction that brings visitors and tourists to the area. The Coos Historical and Maritime Museum are currently working on identifying the ship and some are already concluding it was one built around 1917. Others though, are hopeful it dates back beyond this.

Historical and Maritime Museum  

This unique piece of history has raised the profile of Coos Bay and simply adds to other historic sites that give us a glimpse into the Coos Bay of old. The Historical and Maritime Museum is a great place to start if you fancy a look back in time. a museum opened in 1948 and which contains its own historical picture of Coos Bay. The Maritime Museum is a fund of local information with artifacts, documents and exhibits that open up a panorama of the area as it used to be.

Coos Bay is not exactly teeming with history, but there is enough there to capture the interest of locals and tourists who have a desire to what the past reveals. Other historic sites of interest are found in some of the old houses dating back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The quaint 1893 home built by Nels Rassmussen and the Silgin/Flanagan house constructed in 1889 are two example of architecture that give  a glimpse of the past. Add to these the Tioga and Chandler hotels built in 1923 and 1909 respectively and again you are able to transport yourself back to a different time.

It is probably safe to say that history buffs will not seek out Coos Bay for a serious hunt to uncover the past. There are definitely places in America that are treasure troves of history when compared with the meager offering in this part of Oregon. That said, the discovery of the buried ship and the mystery surrounding it, has added greatly to the historical interest people may now have in this coastal region.