Activities for Children at Crater Lake National Park

Featuring as its central attraction America’s, if not the world’s, deepest freshwater lake, Crater Lake National Park provides an ideal place to visit for all generations and this includes children. Although the stunning beauty of this park, which during the year is subjected to a snowfall in excess of 530 inches (44 feet), is centred on its natural environment, this by no means suggests that the hearts and minds of young children, and their quest for adventure, have been forgotten.

Children are catered for at Crater Lake in groups as part either of the park’s educational programme or by encouraging their involvement in the host of sports and other leisure activities that are available for the whole family to participate in during the course of the park’s open season.

In terms of the educational aspect, there is a dedicated learning centre and other educational activities, which will enable children to watch videos, learn exactly how the lake was made, and also understand the history of the way in which the natural environment has developed over the past centuries. Children can participate in these educational activities either as part of the family holiday or through specially arranged school trips. The children will sit spellbound as they watch and learn about how Crater Lake was formed from a gigantic volcanic eruption centuries earlier.

From the leisure and vacation aspect, Crater Lake and the surrounding natural environment in which it is located, presents a vast array of activities for children that will keep them occupied from the moment they wake up in the morning until they collapse into bed exhausted at night. For children who love the water, there are boat rides, during which they will be able to look down into the deep and clear blue lake and marvel at the underwater animal and fauna life that unravels before their very eyes.

A host of land based activities are also available for children, especially important to those who have an adventurous and inquisitive nature. There are many long and exciting walks available, during which the children can explore the natural habitat that the foothills of the slopes that lead down to the lake offer. Under parental supervision, it is likely that they will also enjoy clambering over the many rock faces that surround the lake, living the adventures that they have created in their own imagination.

Crater Lake National Park is one of the few places in America that provides an environment and activities that will not only provide them with valuable outdoor exercise but will also test their imaginations to the hilt. There is little doubt that at the end of this experience you will find your children asking when they can return.