Water Park Big Splash Tulsa Oklahoma

With the ending of school, for summer break, Big Splash in Tulsa, Oklahoma opens its door, to the public, for a variety of wet and fun water activities. This water park is, in the words of this generations terminology, “da bomb”. Big Splashes operating hours are Monday-Thursday 10 AM-6 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM-8 PM and Sunday 12 PM-6 PM. Seven days of water fun for the whole family.

Some of the fantastic attractions you’ll find once inside the doors of Big Splash are: Water slides, a lazy river, wave pool, a swimming pool, kiddie pool, a water roller coaster, courts for volleyball and basketball and plenty of eating establishments.

When trying to beat the heat of the hot Oklahoma summer, you can make your way to the wave pool where you’ll enjoy the feeling of the rolling waves as they lift you up or under the water. Caution is advised when it comes to letting the little ones in this pool as the waves can sweep them under quickly. Be sure they can swim and have inner tubes or life jackets on to ensure their safety.

If you’re is in no hurry to get to the other water attractions, grab an inner tube and float down the lazy river. This is a circular flowing water way for lazing the day away. Wear some sun screen so no nasty sunburns happen.

The swimming pool is the place to be for swimming and diving or for just cooling off when relaxing is the goal. This pool has a deep end and a shallow end, so everyone in the family can enjoy this spot.

For the adventurous, the water slides provide a downhill, spiraling feel before you end up bouncing across the water at the end of the ride. Be sure your bathing attire is secure and snug so you don’t end up losing part of it on the way down.

If the water slides aren’t enough, then hop on the water roller coaster. You’ll definitely get wet riding this ride and you’ll have the thrill of being on a coaster too.

For the young, the kiddie pool is designed to keep them entertained. With different animal features they’ll enjoy being in the water and having just as much fun as the adults.

When it comes time to feed the crew, chow down on hot dogs or nachos. Grab a drink to wash it all down with. If that isn’t enough another stand will have something else to offer. Don’t forget to drink tons of water when you’re out of the water.

The Big Splash Water Park is a tobacco-free zone, so if you’re a smoker you’ll have to leave the smokes outside the gates. So whether your group is large or small, from 25 to thousands, Big Splash can provide an entire day of family fun and entertainment.