Tulsa Zoo Memberships to Tulsa Zoo

When it comes to purchasing a membership to the Tulsa, Oklahoma Zoo, there are perks that come along with the benefits.  One of these being unlimited zoo admissions during the normal operating hours of the zoo. As well as free parking and discounted admissions to the Zoobilee and Hallowzooing special events during the year.

There are several different types of memberships an individual or family can pick from as well. These are arranged to accommodate  members with the best deals possible as well as provide the best price for the membership as well. There is something for everyone when signing up for a membership.

You have an Associate Membership, which provides benefits for the pass owner as well as for one guest per visit. This includes all the basic perks that come with the pass. The cost for this membership is $50.00 a year.

There is the Family Membership, which covers two adults and four kids up to the age of 18. The cost of a family membership is $65.00. This membership includes all the basic things a membership provides.

The Friend and Family Membership is a great one to purchase if you enjoy going to the zoo with friends. This membership covers the basics of the membership with admittance for two adults, four kids under 18, and four guest per visit. The cost for this is $130.00. While this might seem like a lot, if you get some friends to go in on it with you, the cost can be reduced significantly.

The adventure Pass Membership is the most expensive, but it offers more for its membership. You get the basic membership, with two adults, four kids under 18 and four guest per visit, plus you get a train rides, carousel rides, admittance into the Zoobilee and HallowZooween.  The cost of this membership is $200.00. If you get other families to go in on this pass, again the price can be cut down amongst all paying.

Some more perks which come with memberships is discounts on food, rides, drinks and novelty items in the zoo. Members get express entry into the zoo itself, which means most can avoid any long lines. Members get discounts on admittances to other zoos and aquariums around the nation.

The Tulsa Zoo offers other activities members get to enjoy like, Waltz on the wild side. So the benefits and perks are well worth the expense of membership. It’s good to know that when adults do attend, one Named adult on the membership needs to be present.

Besides the basic memberships listed above there are other memberships which keep the zoo operating and going. These memberships, which are Donor memberships include:

Order of the Snow Leopard for $350.00
Order of the Chimpanzee for $500.00
Order of the Tiger for $1000.00
Order of the Grizzly Bear for $2500.00
Order of the Lion for $5000.00
Order of the Elephant for $10,000.00

These memberships vary in perks and activities that only members can enjoy, along with the basic perks. Donors are the stay-ability of the Tulsa Zoo.  No matter the membership chosen. The Tulsa Zoo has many things to offer and many activities to enjoy.

For more information regarding the Tulsa Zoo and its memberships and activities one can follow the link to their site, Tulsa Zoo and Membership page