Top Galleries in Oklahoma Citys Paseo Arts District

Developed in 1929, the Paseo district of Oklahoma City has always hosted the arts, from jazz clubs of the 1950s and creative counter culture of the 1960s to the local art galleries and boutiques of today. The buildings on the short, curved street display a Spanish theme with stucco walls and clay tile roofs. The Paseo district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and radiates a sense of community.

Stroll down the two block street on a warm Saturday and you’re sure to find several artists outside. Stop by and strike up a conversation; they’re always happy to answer questions about their work. Or visit during the First Friday Gallery Walk on the first Friday of each month, and check out the showcase work of the gallery owners or guest artists.

Each trip to the Paseo is sure to reveal a new treasure. You won’t want to miss the offerings of any of the galleries, but following are a few good places to begin.

a.k.a. gallery

The a.k.a. gallery displays the work of in-house artists Tony Westlund, Sarah Atlee, Vana and Reta Howell, and Ashley Griffith. Westlund has created art in many different forms from photography, drawing and painting to furniture building and experimental music. Atlee’s often distorted images evoke feelings of perplexity and intrigue at the same time. The sibling team of Vana and Reta Howell take recycling to an artistic level by manipulating plastic bottles into modern functional art. Griffith’s striking photos are available individually or in a themed collage using CD cases. a.k.a. also features guest artists each month. With a wide variety of creative mediums, there is sure to be something to interest everyone.

In Your Eye Studio & Gallery

This bright pink building with baby blue trim and purple doors is a guaranteed attention-grabber, and what’s on the inside is even more colorful than the exterior. In Your Eye features mostly paintings, drawings, and photography, but also showcases jewelry and stained glass. Each month features a different artist, and many styles can be found from the abstract to the realistic. The appropriately named In Your Eye is a visual delight for all ages.

JRB Art at The Elms

When you visit JRB at The Elms, be sure to ask about the rich history of the building. This enormous art space was originally built in 1920 as the home and studio/gallery of Doctor and Mrs. Nan Sheets. It has been cited as one of the most distinguished buildings in Oklahoma City, and is now serving its original purpose in displaying creative works of many outlets.

JRB Art greets its visitors with twin posts and several outdoor sculptures. An excursion through the gallery will reveal not only ceramics, paintings, photographs, sculptures and mixed media, but also beautifully maintained hardwood floors, exquisite furnishings, and a surprising number of rooms. Be sure to visit early in the day, as you’ll need plenty of time to peruse the riches you’ll find at JRB.

Whether you visit the art galleries, boutiques, or other businesses, The Paseo is the perfect place to find unique gifts for loved ones or treasures for your own home.