Things to do in Oklahoma City during the Winter

The children are stuck inside and you could use a break from the game of monopoly. Here are a few ideas to get your kids out and about during the winter months if you happen to be in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Take the kids to the botanical gardens. It is beautiful year round. It has a large pond area that is sure to give the kids moments of awe. The botanical gardens also host an indoor tropical room filled with gorgeous greenery and lizards. Look around as you are gazing at the different plant life and you will notice these little reptiles wandering all over the walls and landscaping.

During the month of December Oklahoma City has a snow slide held at the Bricktown Ballpark. The slide runs from the bleachers all the way to first plate. Grab a tube and slide on down. This is sure to provide children with hours of fun.

Also in December Oklahoma City has an outdoor skating rink located in downtown. It is decorated with Christmas lights and there is even music to go along with it. Hot cocoa completes the dream like atmosphere you have been waiting for. You can rent your ice skates or bring your own, just be sure to dress warmly.

Oklahoma City is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is a professional basketball team. Any child would love to attend a real life basketball game with the possibility to view some of their favorite players. Oklahoma City has recently acquired the team and is considered to still be in its building years.

Oklahoma City is also close to Norman Oklahoma which is home to the University of Oklahoma. The OU Sooners is a high ranking collegiate football team. If you decide to attend one of the games beware you are entering Sooner Nation. With the state not having its own NFL team, The Sooners is the next best thing, even greater for some.

Take a stroll through Bricktown. Bricktown is the happening place to be in Oklahoma City. There is a canal ride that will take you along a manmade river. It is beautiful at Christmas time because the canal is lined with lights and decorations. The ride last around thirty minutes and will be fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Just like every city in America, it also has ample amounts of shopping, parks, and restaurants. Oklahoma City is a great place to spend a weekend.