The best Ways to Save Money while Living in Oklahoma City ok

Saving money is an important part of our lives, especially for those frugal folks in Oklahoma City. There are several ways to save money while living in Oklahoma City. Because of the low cost of living in Oklahoma City, it is easy to put a little extra money in your pocket.

Join a discount buying club. There are several Sam’s Clubs in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area to choose from. Not only will you save money because of their already lower prices, but being able to buy in bulk will also save you money. Consider shopping with a friend, neighbor or family member so you can split those bulk items.

Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at the different local farmer’s markets. The prices are usually lower than at grocery stores and the money is going directly back into the community which helps the entire city. The produce they sell will be in season, making it even more economical for you.

Take advantage of the free and economical entertainment in the area. Many museums do not charge admission. Consider going to concerts and plays at Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Christian College and even the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Their prices will be much lower than professional concerts and theaters in the area.

Look around the city for thrift stores. There are several Salvation Army thrift stores to choose from as well as Goodwill Industry thrift stores. Careful shoppers will be able to find new and slightly used items at a fraction of the cost of other stores. Many churches also have thrift stores or special fundraisers where they sell items at a much lower price than other places.

Contact your OG&E, ONG or your other utility provider to see what can be done to lower your heating and cooling costs. You can even visit their websites to look for helpful hints on lower your utility bills. Remember to turn of lights, electrical appliances and electronics when not n use. Set your thermostat a bit higher in the summer and a bit lower in the winter; you can always were lighter clothing in the summer and warmer clothes in the winter.

Contact your cable and Internet company to see what specials they are offering. Cox Cable often offers discounts to those who “bundle” their cable, telephone and Internet services together. Shop around and find the lowest price. Then call the competition and let them know about this lower rate. They may offer to match or even beet the price.

Grow a garden. Plant vegetables that your family will enjoy eating. Can or freeze those vegetables for use in the winter months. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year. It doesn’t take a lot of space to grow tomatoes, beans, carrots and other vegetables in your yard.

Oklahoma City residents are usually friendly and eager to help. Create a barter system with your friends and neighbors for different goods and services. Create a “coupon exchange” in your neighborhood. Meet once a week or month and exchange coupons with each other. Have a block garage sale to earn extra money

Carpool. Commuting in Oklahoma City is easy due to the interstates criss-crossing the city. Save money on gas by sharing rides with neighbors and co-workers.

Consider the area of Oklahoma City where you live. The prices vary considerably from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even though it may be further to drive to work, you could very well end up saving money on your mortgage or rent if you moved to a different area of town. Renters should shop around for specials the different apartment complexes offer. It is not uncommon to find half of the first month’s rent or off the deposit in some apartment communities.

Saving money in Oklahoma City is fairly easy to do. Get creative and have a little fun with it. Include your friends, family and neighbors with your money saving ideas. Keep an open mind as you keep more and more money for yourself and your family.