Oklahoma City Volunteer Pro Life Churches Schools Nursing Homes Homeless Shelters Animals

Voluntarism is alive and well in Oklahoma City. And, there is no shortages of places to volunteer in Oklahoma’s capital city. No matter your personal interests and causes, you are sure to find an organization or foundation you will be able to help with your time and your talents.

There are many pro-life groups in Oklahoma City. The Hope Pregnancy Center of Oklahoma City is always in need of people wanting to help save the lives of the unborn. Small miracles network is another pro-life group who would love to have additional help. Christian Services of Oklahoma has a maternity home and confidential counseling for mothers that would appreciate to have volunteers.

There are many social service organizations that need volunteers as well. Big Brothers-Big Sisters are always in need of adults to be a friend to children from single parent homes. Catholic Charities is another option for those looking to volunteer. They have several outreaches available to those interested in helping. The YWCA can always use volunteers to help with fundraisers and their outreach programs.

There are several shelters in Oklahoma City that can use the extra help volunteers offer. Domestic violence safe houses as well as homeless shelters are eager for others to help. Will Rogers South Shelter and Youth Services for Oklahoma County are just two shelters needing volunteers. Consider giving your time to the City Rescue Mission and Grace Rescue Mission, Inc. Of course, there are also animal shelters and rescues where you can help all sorts of animals.

Many church organizations also rely on volunteers for help. Contact the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Resource Development Center as well as the Episcopal Dioceses of Oklahoma. Of course, contact your local church and see what is available for you to do for them.

Schools, hospitals and nursing homes are always looking for volunteers. Read to children, sit with family members in hospital waiting rooms or visit with the elderly one afternoon a week and watch how lives change. The simplest and easiest of things for you can do can impact others more than you will ever know.

Volunteering just a few hours a week or even a month can make such a difference in lives. Oklahoma has many opportunities for those who are kind and generous enough to give of their time and talent to help. Get creative, think outside the box, to find ways ways of helping others in Oklahoma City.