Oklahoma City Thrift Stores

In today’s economy, people are looking for the best deal, now more than ever. Thrift stores are fast becoming one of the top shopping choices for the consumer looking to save money. Another benefit to this type of purchasing is the environmental impact of going green when buying pre-owned items. Recycling and reusing truly has become the new norm. So where are the best places to thrift store shop in Oklahoma City?

Bargain Thrift is one of the first stops for the seasoned thrift store shopper in Oklahoma City. Touting completely new inventory every four weeks, this great thrift store chain marks down items every Monday, often as low as 90% off. The three separate locations have been in business for over twenty years with offerings of over 200,000 individual items. With so many choices in clothing, household items, furniture and electrical appliances, this is definitely a store to check out.

Goodwill has ten retail stores alone in the Oklahoma City area not to mention numerous other stores throughout the state. With so many locations, the choices and variety of items are sure to please even the pickiest of shoppers. Oklahoma Goodwill also offers two unique ways to buy, setting it apart from other thrift stores, with their weekly auctions and online bidding.

Community Thrift Store located at 4525 South Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City is just as it’s name suggests, a smaller neighborhood store. Don’t let that fool you into thinking the deals and selection are not to be found once inside. The beauty of this great community store is found in the unique and often vintage items donated by the local neighborhoods.

Heart and Hand Thrift Center located at 7901 Northwest 23rd Street in Bethany, a sleepy suburb of Oklahoma City, is a one of a kind, locally owned thrift store. Often offering beautifully unique vintage pieces, this is one of the first stops for many locals looking to furnish their homes with quality items at amazing prices. The clothing department offers clean, pre-owned clothing organized by sizes and categories, making the search for that perfect piece fun and enjoyable for the entire family.

These are but a few of the great options in thrift store shopping when visiting or living in the Oklahoma City area. Of course, don’t forget to also check out the numerous garage sales held mostly on the weekends for more great finds and buys for the savvy shopper.