Neighborhood Guide Carbondale in Tulsa ok

Carbondale is a neighborhood in the western section of Tulsa Oklahoma. It is located to the north of the  I-44 and to the east of the Red Fork Expressway. It is primarily a residential neighborhood of working class homes. There are lots of small to medium sized homes many with one story. There is a mix of ranch, bungalow, cottage and shotgun styles with a few two story homes thrown in. The terrain in the area is flat and most years have some reasonable sized trees. The streets are not wide, as a matter of fact many are quite narrow but most of them are not heavily trafficked and are quiet enough to allow on street walking since most have no sidewalks.

Like many areas of the country, there are many homes for sale in this area. Prices on average are very affordable and there are a good number of homes in foreclosure making this the ideal area to invest in.

Robertson Elementary School is right in the middle of the neighborhood and therefore within walking distance to many students. The school performed above average on the standardized state tests earning a 6/10 rating from GreatSchools.  Reviews provided by the school community have awarded it a 5/5.

Zarrow Regional Library is a couple of short blocks outside of this neighborhood. It has a wide selections of books and periodicals as well as comprehensive children’s section. There are over thirty public access computers and adult computer classes are offered. There is a story-time room with a railroad theme and a dedicated Teen Center. This is a library the whole family will enjoy.

The Carbondale Assembly of God  has a great website and if you live nearby and are looking for a church to attend, this website features some sermons from the pastor as well as music. The church  has their own bookstore and are very happy to share their beliefs with anyone who is interested.

Carbondale Park is a popular destination all year but in the dog days of summer, even more so. It is the site of one of the more than twenty splash pads provided by the city of Tulsa. The splash pads are open during regular park hours and closing time is 10pm. This is a small park, less than two acres. It also includes a playground, a ball field, a picnic shelter and picnic tables.

Reed Park is located is a short drive to the north east of the Carbondale neighborhood. It is over 29 acres and in addition to the splash pad for summer enjoyment it  has a playground, two tennis courts, two sports fields, a basketball court, picnic tables, a municipal pool and a community center with a gym.  A popular feature is the disc golf course. Given the popularity of the park, it needs the more than 190 parking spots that it has.

Carbondale is a nice family oriented neighborhood with services located close enough for convenience but at the same time maintaining the residential feel of the area.